Chicken noodle soup

Submitted by enr on 07 Jul 2009
1/2 chicken
2 bell peppers (green and red)
tomato 1
2 carrots
1 onion
1 tbsp tomato paste
potato 1
2 cubes chicken broth
2 egg yolks
2 tbsp yogurt
pepper, salt
Chicken noodle soup
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Carrots, potatoes and tomatoes are grated. Peppers, onions and parsley finely. In a deep saucepan put to boil chicken with vegetables. When the chicken is cooked is removed, boned and returned to the pan along with bulyonchetata, tomato paste and noodles. When swell vermicelli add chopped parsley, black pepper and salt. In a small bowl put 2 egg yolks and 2 tbsp yogurt, mixed with the mixture thicken the soup.
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07 Jul 2009


Today I made chicken soup in this recipe - I had some reservations about the carrot / feared that the soup will be sweet / but *risked* and put one. Was great! Thanks for the recipe!

supichkata become perfect! I'm a little prontsip Grill soups, and this became perfect. Thanks for the recipe!

If instead of yogurt, put on fresh thickener, will you get? Tomato paste will hinder you?

If you do not have yogurt in the beaten yolks poured a few drops of vinegar. also thicken soup.

Wonderful supichka :)

Just can not figure out once you have finished the chicken broth and bones (most delicious to me) why use these *chemicals*? The soup is very tasty bravo !!!

and I do so not only shred carrots and potatoes and cut them into small cubes. The result is always delicious soup!

BUILD going very well and with citric acid. I prefer it up before the vinegar.

Wonderful recipe, regularly prepare supichkata, it is delicious!

Delicious supichka!

Very simple chemical chicken broth contains herbs (savory, garlic powder, celery, turmeric, etc.) And put it changes the taste. I prefer to put right spices.

Very tasty soup. I put a little cream and it was divine!

Supichkata often present at our table :)

Do not use ready broths, full body are poison! They contain gluatamat, which makes you think that you eat something divine. And it is proven that the person is addicted to it. Five months not use this stuff, my meals have become tasteless.

I do not use such additional spices.

soup get, but not put tomato, somehow I do not go without store-bought chicken bulyo.

when I brew homemade chicken always freeze the broth in small plastic vials and when you cook, you thaw them. So do not use Commercial Premium broths)

Honestly I admit that when cooked in this recipe supichkata almost ate the whole pot your own :) After two days, then have to do that and my husband his delight many. Broth I put in my view from the chicken broth is sufficient. Most impressed me and I liked grated potatoes - I had not thought of it to put it in soups grated always been of kupcheta. Thanks for the recipe

I fry the onion, grated carrot, peppers and potatoes! Soup becomes very nice color and taste :)

I just made it. I skipped the tomatoes and broth cubes. I used a whole chicken broth and it was yummy.