Sauerkraut heads

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
10 kg cabbage
250 g salt
6-8 liters of water
Sauerkraut heads
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Selects strong, tight cabbages medium size. Cleared of the outer leaves and deep scratches in the head on a cross. Arrange in containers up the book. Cabbage are placed on a grid (cross) and severity (pure river stone). Then pour the cabbage with 5% brine. Cover with a cloth. After 2-3 days we proceed to the decanted (drained the juice and pour again) to green at 3 times a week for two weeks, until the juice starts to become slightly sour. Above (20 cm) cabbage should be covered with brine. If the brine is not enough, make a new 2.5% concentration. Store cold. In order to cabbages in court on the bottom can be put 1-2 handfuls of barley or corn to facilitate fermentation.
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01 Dec 2002


great appetizer for brandy. Cheers!

100 liters of water - 3 kg salt, maybe without racking.

I agree with Mary cabbage.

Great pickle.

I try different recipes, and cabbage has me spoiled. Will try and yours, but how do you know that the salt solution is 5% or 2.5% concentration.

Hello. I read that Sarah writes that cabbage has and spoils. I think it's best to keep between 0-4 up to 10 degrees otherwise quickly softened. There must be enough salt. If you want your cabbage to rise faster can put it and cut. I wish success to all.

Salt is good to be sea and drums sit in a cool around zero degrees and become good cabbage.

Lubomir Mehandzhijski

14 Nov 2006

For tasty sauerkraut put a cut apple, quince, horseradish, corn and barley and a 20-day crossing of sodium benzoate as 20 liters of the solution put '20 benzoate then cabbage kept at temperatures of 0 to 10 degrees. I wish good appetite, and good luck to all.

It is a good recipe.

1 liter of water plus 50 grams of salt = 5% brine.

can put a small head red beet soup becomes slightly red. put Two corn cobs to not become sissy

cabbage spoils because he lacks taninlPo therefore put branches of quince and cherry and 1-2 root of horseradish, also 1-2 Mamula corn. I put them on the bottom of the bucket.

another reason to spoil the cabbage can be the water. if tap water is very chalky and highly chlorinated, cabbage does not. I swamp cabbage with spring or mineral water and no problem.

On 100l water 4 kg salt this recipe. Everything else is twaddle

Presichanito it as 1 liter of water put 1 g sodium benzoad