Sausage without mutton

Submitted by enr on 24 Nov 2014
200 g of beef, in pieces
300 g of roast chicken meat, frozen in a freezer overnight
200 g beef tongue, pieces of 1 cm.
250 ml melted fat from bacon
all black pepper and allspice to taste
3-4 bay leaves broken in halves
Sausage without mutton
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Meat (chicken pieces are placed as frozen), spices and 50 ml fat is placed in a narrow pot (I use Slow-kukar) and cook 4-5 hours on low to medium heat only in their own juice and fat. Chicken given enough juice, you do not need to add water, and the flesh should not be fried and smothered until they are very soft (chicken becomes thread). When it's ready, the meat removable portions, put it in a flat dish with 2 forks disarrange thread - half pieces of language leave purposes. Select a suitable porcelain bowl to collect all the meat and to remain around one finger blank space above the meat is placed inside portions of each portion is pressed well with a fork. The remaining oil was heated to reflux and a little poured on top of the meat to absorb the wait, and filled again. At this stage should be very careful because the meat is fried fat when it flooded, and sprayed. Allow it to cool, put nylon top and pressed with the bottom of another bowl, which puts weight. When completely cool, put in the refrigerator and leave overnight. The next day removable, nylon is removed, run the knife around the edge of the meat, and shaken gently to fall while maintaining form. Wrap in plastic household and stored in a plastic box in the refrigerator. * It is very important to roasted chicken, or sausage beating of chicken and frozen, otherwise it is not thread and standing pieces. Because fat from bacon melts at a lower temperature than that of sheep fat, sausage is removed from the refrigerator at the last moment before the presentation, otherwise softens and begins to crumble when cut. * This recipe is a product of my 6 years experience in do American sausage products, which have as a more authentic taste, and this is, in my opinion, the most apt my experience. Accept any advice and ideas for improving the prescription of Bulgarians abroad, who are puzzled by the problem of replacing the original Bulgarian products available ones.
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24 Nov 2014