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# For the dough:
3 and 1/2 cup flour
350 ml water
1 tbsp dry yeast
1 1/4 tsp salt
# For sesame:
2 tbsp honey
100 ml water
1-2 cup sesame seed
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The dough is kneaded and left to warm for an hour and a half (to double in volume). On floured surface is kneaded for 2 minutes. Divide into 18 balls, which form strips about 40 cm long. Take 2 strips and twisted like a rope, then they formed 15 cm hoop as the edges stick together. Honey dissolved in water. Each ring was immersed in a copper water and then in the sesame seeds. Bake on baking sheet in 220 C until browned.
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11 Aug 2009


strange look! Bravo!

Mmm, are very attractive.

Great simitcheta. Jump to bite yeah ...

These simidcheta go to Favorites.

One tip, do all 18 bands at once, do 2, Style Doughnuts and continue. 18 until I make the dough strips continue to rise and many bands are stretched. A very delicious, this is the first experience me.

Thanks for the clarification! This is really important.

I'm sorry, but these are ordinary bagels with sesame. Real bun dabbled with special yeast from chickpeas, so ...

Namrih in Wikipedia, obviously you're right!

I do not know the exact recipe for yeast, just know that is what is done. Will look for the recipe.

According to Wikipedia is pretzel bun with sesame, which features vary by region (http: // en. Wikipedia. Org / wiki / SimitAnd the name of the recipe are vэeti of said website. It may not be as bun in Vaэovo time Beverly Hills that we have read in books, but just try it and you will see that it is worth.

Clear, opened the topic to not fill the comments. Wikipedia is quoted and there:-) And the pictures they're very visual, super!

Bravo! Goes lubimi and soon will do:-)

Recipe for gram yeast put here Maya (leaven) of chickpeas so you can try Either way:-).

hello. such bun eaten in Turkey and did not know how to rule. but today my husband made them thank you

3 1/2. H how much flour? How large are the glasses? If you bistrac answer me?

very well received! With hrupkara crust and soft inside. I use a glass of 240 ml. Furthermore, honey and water were pretty. The amount may be reduced.

are wonderful, the recipe is very good next time double dose. Thank gkostova04, I made them with a spoon of honey and 50ml water, even stuck. Thanks to the author of the recipe.

Great. I made them with whole wheat flour. Indeed, water is a lot. I buy these from a Turkish shop, but homemade no better. Already lost me as a customer.