Meatballs beans

Submitted by enr on 13 Feb 2010
400 g Canned beans
1 carrot
pepper 1
1 onion
1 tbsp dried or fresh mint, 1 tsp savory, black pepper, salt
1 egg
# For the sauce:
4 tbsp yogurt
2 tbsp mayonnaise
1 tsp mustard
1 red pepper
# breading:
2 eggs
Meatballs beans
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Chopped onion, carrot and pepper sauté in a pan with heated sunflower oil. Drain the beans, add steamed vegetables, everything is creased with a fork, add one egg, mint, savory, black pepper, salt and mix. The blend formed meatballs. Rolled in breadcrumbs, dip in beaten eggs and fry in heated oil. Red pepper cut into small pieces and mix with yogurt, mayonnaise and mustard. Meatballs are served, flights sauce.
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13 Feb 2010
Ivan Zvezdev


super goes to favorites. tomorrow we are meatballs

become great meatballs. bravo

Thanks! And at home they love them!

Really interesting recipe. Will try. Hopefully I can cope. And this zvezdichkata red pepper sauce for baked suppose?

gorda: I hope you're able! I used roasted peppers from a jar.

I did. Were very tasty. This sauce is very nice. Thank you for the nice recipe Danii.

Bravo recipe yesterday accidentally found out about meatballs as I cook beans, but he Muffler .. I decided to experiment and now upload photos, it turned out that such a recipe :) I Paiute them in the oven on baking paper and were also very tasty. Congratulations :)

PassionFlower great meatballs! And I'll try to trust the other way!

Danny, thank you, everything became a joke ... top breadcrumbs even not just breadcrumbs and a blender domes ... so even with ketchup .. so slightly yellowish meatballs me.

and I recently I made this recipe - only that red beans instead of canned carrot and pepper and put shredded ham mixture. And Rossi, and I roll them in bread crumbs and peknah in the oven. Many were successful, but not necessarily served with sauce (my rose slightly suhichki, but may have been due beans) - I did warm tomato.

Bravo!Many interesting proposals!

My suhichki also rose, but this does not bother you. Having served themselves meatballs to sauce things stand differently. Bravo and Neville :)

They became common, very tasty.

Many are delicious.

how many units meatballs out of this dose

my balls are from 1 pm. H. Beans.

Today they prepared for lunch, baked. But it became very rare mixture, so narasih breadcrumbs on baking pan put the meatballs and top them narasih with more bread crumbs (do not use eggs seasoning because they would fall apart in my hands). When scorched them barely pulled objectives baking pan, because as I said, I get a mixture rare. I ordered them on a plate, top them I poured ONLY with ground pepper from the blender jar and narasih them with chopped gherkins. Were very tasty !! :)