Three cups

Submitted by enr on 19 Apr 2010
1 cup yogurt
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
egg 1
1 tsp baking soda
1 cinnamon (10 g)
Three cups
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Soda put it rise in half yogurt. Was added to the flour, sugar, egg, cinnamon and other milk. Mix and pour into greased and floured pan. Bake in a moderate oven until ready. While still warm, pour honey and sprinkle with coconut.
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19 Apr 2010


Great! It in no time. Sprinkled with ground walnuts and crushed biscuits.

Wonderful photos, naxos! Congratulations on skill and imagination!

I'm glad you liked the cake. Thanks for the photos, they are great :)

I started to do it in the morning 5 am., At 5. 55 was ready. 6. In 15 there was no longer a crumb of it :) Incredibly quickly prepared and eaten ... :)

naxos, very beautiful cake!

hearts what they do, great pictures congratulations! Only that the mixture does not become a lot less?

mixture is sufficient for the pan having a diameter of about 20 cm.

Looks delicious cake, will try to prepare. And I'm interested in hearts, what is it red?

plural. I love those recipes where aircraft. it in no time and feedback from then eat very positive. Well I now gladly add mine. Great quick little honey cake.

Very easy and successful recipe. Was very tasty!

Very easy looks. Will try and I will get and then a photo. We love our home very honey and our wonderful dessert :)

I did it :) It was a delicious sladkishche, syrupy with copper-thank you, dear Mimi :)

This time it changed little. Instead I put cinnamon cocoa. To drink it with a little juice peach compote and covered it with jam.

Yesterday I did. I love cinnamon and honey! It is vkuden cake and easy to make!

fast, easy, tasty:-)

Last night I prepared this great cake, but with baking powder. I was even launched and a recipe for it with the title *Cake with honey glaze and coconut*, but it turned out that 784 long mimoza me ahead. My pictures have been uploaded to this recipe! I score 6

Well, I recorded and this recipe, but the title of perunika I liked more.

is great .. I put chocolate sticks .. because the store has done a coconut .. but still very tasty my family and I loved it :)

very tasty cake. Today we have prepared, it took me just 30 min. To stir up and bake. Add picture :)

Great cake! So fast and easy to prepare! I put his nuts instead of coconut. Very tasty!

It was a very tasty cake! Except coconut and sprinkled it with nuts, perfectly combined with honey. Instead of cinnamon, which no one here likes, put vanilla, again became very aromatic. Thanks for the recipe!

Terrific, very quick and easy to prepare! All very liked it, even my son who is extremely fickle! Bravo!

Quick and easy recipe! Even for me, and I always have a problem with sweet recipes! Cinnamon diminished because our country is not celebrated, put vanilla on the idea of ​​milena75, sprinkled with sugar hearts. Super recipe! Bravo, Mimeto!

I agree and I to good reviews. Easy, delicious and economical cake! Missed cinnamon, vanilla added. Besides the author of the recipe, I thank perunika, which reminded us of it and thanks to the appetizing pictures I liked it and I decided to try! Thank you!

great cake, do it often, just the recipe and RESULTS always stahoten. Thank you!

Very nice cake! Cinnamon and honey - great taste :)

Very, very easy and very, very, very tasty. Wonderful recipe, bravo mimoza784 :)

I'm glad you like the cake! Great photos upload :)

Very nice cake! I also sometimes put instead of vanilla cinnamon and sprinkle top with finely ground walnuts. Also 1 cup flour is a little, put a cup and a half.

The easiest cake!

Last night I was creative and decided to diversify a little recipe. I put vanilla instead of cinnamon, divided mixture of two and one part I added cocoa. Then he turns to shoot at the center of the baking pan a white spoon, one spoon of brown mixture. I poured on top with homemade jam prunes in chocolate. Jump to get a different cake but delicious!

In the morning I made the cake for a long time he was thinking and I get the chance because it is very quick and easy, from top to spread with melted chocolate (at home it is almost obligatory) and roasted and chopped hazelnuts ... It was great!