Fritters yeast

Submitted by enr on 03 Apr 2009
500 g yogurt
4 eggs
1 tsp soda bread
200 g sugar or feta cheese
20 g yeast
little water to dissolve the yeast
flour for dough firmly
Fritters yeast
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Kneaded dough well and left to stand for at least 30 minutes. Roll out the crust and cut rhomboids. Fry in hot sunflower oil. They make and savory - then instead of sugar put feta cheese.
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03 Apr 2009


What beauty golden! Buhtichki very appetizing! You have to fry!

::::::: :) Thank you :)

Really seducer photos! Bravo golden!

The best fritters we've ever tried!

care if cheese or sugar in the dough are confused or do hamlet of cheese? Can be prepared without cheese or sugar to consume after fritters are fried?

Never put cheese in the dough for buhtichki in this recipe. And the sugar - only 2 tablespoons spoons. But can do without it. Again delicious. It is imperative dough stand for 30 minutes as described at the beginning of the recipe to relax a little / still have yeast /.

Nellie, thank you for the explanation. I have often commented that should be written somewhat detailed explanation of what the recipes, how, when, and how to put this but not Karoo *kneading dough and fry stand.* I think editors will need to edit it a bit. A sugar and really seems to me much. Now I will explain to my daughter how to prepare nice buns.
Nelly again thank you very much.

I will ask if someone was preparing to say exactly the recipe preparation and is using the same products and proportions, in its current form is quite unclear.

I really like the taste of fritters, when the dough has added cheese! :)