Stuffed pumpkin with dried fruit and honey

Submitted by enr on 26 Aug 2007
1 pumpkin (gray or white)
2 handfuls of dried fruit
4-5 tbsp honey
Stuffed pumpkin with dried fruit and honey
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Pumpkin wash well and cut the upper part around the handle as cap. Clean soft part with seeds. Pour inside dried fruits and pour honey. Pumpkin close with lid and bake in a hot oven until tender about 2-3 hours.
Very easy
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26 Aug 2007


I love roasted pumpkin but in a way I have not tried it - next time must! Just an idea - can be added and nuts - roasted walnuts and cinnamon for example - the amount is a matter of taste.

Very appetizing look the picture. Will definitely try the recipe!

I've done her but inside put a lot more dried fruit, which depends on the size of Certainty the pumpkin and put pieces and delight and add more honey because we love to us is sweet, and put coarsely chopped walnuts Abe who whatever comes to mind.

does the same, but add walnuts, lemon juice, rum and cinnamon - May even unloved pumpkin liked him so.

Amazing yummy pumpkin is that if I every day will pit one.

to dried fruit, Turkish delight and walnuts added apple and quince. Fantastic recipe!

My pumpkin was half and filled it. Now it is in the oven, then I will tell the outcome.

And I put half a pumpkin, but I turned the top tightly with aluminum foil. Write what became the pumpkin.

Well happened, I did not screw it with foil although many wondering, and I was afraid not to burn. Put it at the bottom of the oven.

I really like the pumpkin well prepared, but I pre-soaked dried fruit overnight in rum (to cover), try it wonder!

Nelly, I read this recipe in your forum, how I've missed? I'm dying for pumpkin will make it soon!

Try, Rally! No regrets. Fillings and other can be used. But to me with oshafa like most.

I made her about Dimitri stuffed with everything you mentioned and it was fantastic! Turkish delight was the most sought after! So next time Turkish delight will be in abundance.

I made the recipe while listening to a CD of Chopin. Great work. Tonight waiting guests and offered it to the same music. I hope the effect is good.

Nelly, do you pour water? Do not burn baking pan of strong temperature or pumpkin bake without baking pan?

In baking pan bake. And baking pan may shalt put 1 cup of water. As not you burning of court and then rub.

Nelly, pumpkin bake now. I filled it with krenbaris and bake as above 1: 1, and put black forest honey, but not much. The whole kitchen smells! Will then write the result.

Nelly, to report: This is one of the most delicious recipes with pumpkin that I cooked! All were fascinated! Pity only that the pumpkin I was so small - just gone in minutes! Acidic krenberis is perfectly paired with bake and complemented the taste of pumpkin, as if they were made for each other:-) Just think walnuts would be better if they do not you have a slightly bitter note, I think it would be more -well.

Very appetizing photos, Rally! End

tomorrow is a holiday, you will bake and I!

Well, very early start with these stuffed pumpkins! And I I worked on it for Christmas Eve and it was amazing! At home, however, I only eat pumpkin!

Early-not earlier - that is:-) VERY love pumpkin already waited eagerly to occur first:-) And here is rainy, gloomy and cold weather, the smell of pumpkin given an warm atmosphere.

Fantastic! Well that at home I only eat pumpkin.

Anego, very nice picture. So far I have not done with delight, but will have to try.

Do I have the fruit must be dried does not get you with fresh fruit? Very appetizing look bravo for the good recipe.

Dried fruits soften and watered from the juice of the pumpkin, which is released during baking. I think fresh fruit will become a mess, while the pumpkin is ready.

I have made with cranberries (soaked in rum) and walnuts. Became beautiful! Thanks for the idea!

Here is my stuffed pumpkin. This is great.

Bravo, i4eto3421! Really looks very appetizing!

A very tasty for a change in the stuffing and put nuts, and sometimes coconut (large).