Vanilla buns

Submitted by enr on 21 Oct 2009
300 g flour
140 g starch - maize, odorless and sweeteners
140 g of powdered sugar
160 g of finely ground walnuts or hazelnuts
300 g butter at room temperature
3-4 yolks (depending size)
# Oval:
300-400 g of powdered sugar
4-5 vanilla
Vanilla buns
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On board mixing sift flour, add the starch and sugar, ground walnuts. Top cut pieces of the butter and add the yolks. Begin to interfere until the dough becomes smooth. Let dough for one night in a cool place to rest. The next day we make the dough cylinder and cut the same size wheels that do Sticks 6-7 cm. Long and 1 cm thick and turn rings (in the form of the letter C). Bake on nenamaslena pan, over medium heat until it turns rosy (do not make a lot of brown, not harden). While still hot roll them in the prefabricated powdered sugar with vanilla. * are stored in a cardboard box in a cool place. Withstand at least a month, month and a half * The more you stand on - are good. Be careful only when they Oval powdered sugar, because they are very fragile and can break. * They are suitable for Christmas, because last long and are incredibly delicious. * With thanks to Nat for the wonderful recipe.
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21 Oct 2009
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I really like the rings, put them to favorites and will try them and them. Thanks for the recipe:-)

Aliana, I hope you'd like it to taste. We have our favorites.

I do like, but the recipe *Vanilla muffins.* This proposal with the addition of starch intrigued me and will try them!

tillia, I hope you like it.

Every Christmas they do, are gorgeous and easy to do!

lu4a, I also do them every Christmas, and now even this year. All home love them :)

Pepi, I do not doubt it ... GREAT Christmas buns! Aromatic, delicious, do not know how to keep them until Christmas :) :) :)

Darling, I adore them and always to do the holiday again :)

are great! Just prepared them, ostensibly for Christmas, but I'm not certain whether it will wait! Thanks to the successful recipe, immediately goes to your Favorites!

stela_e, will remain until the holiday I'm sure of it. I always do a triple dose and still not reach the holidays :)