Vegan kozunak pumpkin

Submitted by enr on 12 Dec 2010
400 g cooked pumpkin
1-2 cup sugar
100 g of margarine or butter
14 g of dry yeast
1 kg of flour (a little more)
pinch of salt
Vegan kozunak pumpkin
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In flour put sugar boiled pumpkin and melted margarine. In a separate bowl, the yeast is dissolved in a portion of the water in which it is boiled pumpkin, 1 tbsp sugar and some flour and allowed for no more than 10 minutes. Once the yeast effervescent, pour the remaining products and izmesva dough. Allow to rise until doubled in size (about half an hour). Then knead lightly again and weave braid, put it in the tray, which will bake (greased with sunflower oil) and leave to rise again. Bake at 180-200 C for about 30 minutes (check with a stick). Before you put in the oven, sprinkle with sugar.
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12 Dec 2010


I will certainly try.

In general it is a good proposal, but it takes at least 1 cup sugar. Baked whole lump. It was very beautiful. Baking time was much more 2-2 and a half hours.

Ivcheto, I prepared it and concluded that need more sugar :) but my baking lasted exactly 30 minutes :)

I have pictures but can not bring them down right now.

On one picture looks, it is not baked well. This is because the still warm. When cool cut perfect slices. And you all know fried dough? For me, what is the pictures are baked for two hours.

Well, not all, because my oven is small and does not allow, I was split into three small kozunacheta :)

Obviously because you had to bake time / 30 minutes /. Will prepare again, but with more sugar and more dried fruit. This was complicated, but very small and almost not felt.

Here are the latest pictures. This time increased the amount of sugar and put more dried fruit. I had a little delight, and I put it. When I put the pumpkin and peel than1 / 2 orange and half lemon. Very fragrant.