Agnieszka head with liver-dolma

Submitted by enr on 29 Sep 2010
1 head lamb
lamb 1 set (heart, lung and liver)
3 bunches green onions or onion 2 cloves
1 carrot
200 g mushrooms
400 g rice
50 g butter
1/2 connection mint and parsley
Tharos (tarragon)
salt, pepper, paprika
Tanacetum balsamita (if available)
Agnieszka head with liver-dolma
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Lamb head and giblets are cooked in separate pots. Vegetables are finely chopped and sauté in the butter. Add the rice, chopped giblets and spices. Lamb head is boned. The whole was poured into a pan and add the required amount of the broth from the head. After baking, sprinkle with fresh parsley. Serve with yogurt. Optional can be done and sauce of eggs and yogurt or sour cream for cooking. * I personally concoct head in a pressure cooker.
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29 Sep 2010


Oleeee, it will be very tasty.

Tukmo'm going to sedviram and give it a try :) Smells great :)

What is *Tanacetum balsamita*?

Women mint says here in Germany, I've heard that quite successfully zametsva mint, but I never use. Eli, what is its scent? As mint or just there differences? I was curious now ...

Well, I think there is no mint flavor. I can not describe it exactly. Personally I like the combination of mint, lemon and something else. Very fresh aroma. As a plant resembles a stormy :). 2 years ago a peasant grandmother advised me to use for dishes with lamb and is really suitable spice. I think in the villages used a lot. It is suitable for lamb, and the beans, potatoes and supichki. Will upload photo department pictures if anyone is interested :)

We are very concerned about such strange spices like *Tharos* or *Tanacetum balsamita* At first, these spices are not common in our region. And we are from 'shop'. Furthermore, although many like mushrooms in addition to steamed rice, I think just interfere with the taste of lamb. At least if there trifles (oddments). Just my opinion. I do not want to impose it on anyone.

I would like to try this *Tanacetum balsamita*, but where you ...