Cigar with delight

Submitted by enr on 16 Nov 2007
puff pastry
walnuts - coarsely chopped (optional - roasted)
powdered sugar for sprinkling
Cigar with delight
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Spread the dough and cut into rectangles. The long side of each rectangle is put chopped walnuts and pieces of Turkish delight. Rectangles winding cigar, the ends are clipped slightly and bake in a moderate oven. Still warm can be dusted with powdered sugar. cutting of Turkish delight little powdered sugar helps not very sticky. Recommend and the majority of Turkish delight is in the middle of the cigar and the edges have walnuts, as Turkish delight snag.
Very easy
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16 Nov 2007


is very fast and are very tasty.

really easy and delicious. I followed the recommendation.

They became great! Thanks for the idea!

Magnificent! I made them in the form of rolls and only added grated lime rind on Turkish delight.

were great and some put a little raisins instead of walnuts chudeesno thank

Wonderful recipe, coated inside edges with beaten egg-white to stick and top with egg yolk, there were cigar, but ran out immediately and I'm not shooting them :)