Armenian sweet

Submitted by enr on 13 Dec 2010
1 cup sunflower oil
1 cup water
1 small pinch of salt
3 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
200 g walnuts
150 g delight
# Oval:
150 g of powdered sugar
Armenian sweet
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The water and the oil is put to boil. Then there are added soda and salt, and the mixture is removed from the hot plate. Add flour all at once and stir with a wooden spoon. Prepared dough ball, which is allowed to cool. Remove dough balls and spread lightly on the palm. In the middle is placed a piece of Turkish delight and nutmeg and forms a ball. The cookies are arranged in a tray, covered with baking paper and bake at 180 C until golden brown. Remove from oven and still hot pressed into a powder sugar.
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13 Dec 2010
Iliana Nikolova


These are my acquaintances lokumki, but without mass, and with oil. Surely try them even think that will be very nice. Because you do not find mass often I've thought to use olio- LYUBCHO now will surely do it.

By the way how much the go? Because we are very at home :) A assessment put it, because I believe in the outcome :)

are wonderful. I only had it done / bought / I believe that these will be more - delicious. Go to Favorites and crafted them with daughter for the holidays.

Anne, when you have many people may double dose to make. Depends on the size of marbles, but around 30-35 units I received.

are very delicious! I've done them with oil and butter. Times better are Commercial Premium!

LYUBCHO, thank you :)

made them finally become super :) and we started them still hot :)

Great idea for Christmas table!

girls and I made them, but many felt soda-how to fix this little flaw?

If I never felt, but I put 2 vanilii- try so :)

kalia731, I read that if you put a few drops of vinegar disappears smell of baking, but I have not tried, because I did not have a problem with soda. Try, I hope you like it.

are great. I made them for the New Year celebration. All love them, even my count how much was ate.

Very tasty, easy and fun to make sweets. Next time I'll do a double dose not reached us. Thanks for the great recipe!

I made them several times for the holidays, as I do put my Turkish delight of plum jam, cut into small pieces, is also very tasty.

LYUBCHO, big thank you :) I stopped doing them :) On 31. 12. I made a double dose and went out 150 lokumchitsi- super. Of course eaten very quickly. The other day I did and now again with the coffee went past. Tomorrow, day after tomorrow I'll do a double dose that would not be felt-hahaha. These are my favorite sweet and did not know that would happen if we replace oil. Now catch up with making double doses :)

straight in the comments, and will try compulsory.

because I got tired of reading about how these cookies are great, etc. so finally I decided to try them. I had some reservations about the dough but everything goes fine. And crunchy and sweet, so now would love to continue to read good reviews about this recipe. Thank LYUBCHO

Thanks for the recipe! Sumptuous sweet, delicious with nutmeg and delight with bademche and delight, with nut or with delight. Alternatively zapekoh slightly nuts, so you better feel the taste and scent.

half was fascinated, said that the tender and tasty is not eaten.

I'll try, but I wonder if I should put a little sugar in the dough? Is not it only with powdered sugar? Please help me with this case!

you can probvash- will not spoil, but the mixture will become white. I love sweet, but only with powdered sugar and lokumche inside is super. retseptata- recommend you always do a double dose :)

Great sweet, my husband loves them, so always make them happy :) And andnot least recipe is very easy to implement, option error is simply impossible :) Thank you :)

mmm ... delicious rose. I'm waiting for my husband to doide to surprise him :) Thanks for the recipe :)

very economical recipe, thank you, they are great

I did them last night-very, very easy and tasty ideal for the coffee.

I just made them myself. After so many positive comments embroiled double dose. I was not sure exactly what you should get, but I liked the result :)

And I have made them. Delicious, yes! But after a little stop! :)

I ask inside me became as unfired and taste are perfect. So you must be -very wonder and I can not find where the error is? Please help!

I have not made these cookies, but you do them for 40 days my mother. Then fast. Falls on Monday, I want to ask if you do them on Thursday, there will be a problem, will stand you, I'm with young children and have other things to cook and I want earlier.

There is no problem to do earlier. May even become and stay as nice!

are wonderful. Now do them for the second time.

Very tasty and successful, the result is always ednakav- delicious meals! :)

time I wanted to make these cookies. Today I kept the recipe exactly and nothing happened. I'm not a beginner, do many sweets and so I stayed very surprised by the result. Apparently there are some subtleties in the preparation. Unfortunately sweet not received even threw them away.

1213456 what does not work? Taste, appearance, consistency? If you give a little detail we can direct you what was the problem, the recipe has been tested by many people.

Because I really want to become write again. Remained harsh and pasty and is baked were dark in color, not white as in the picture. I have seen on other forums that this is the recipe.

1213456, sazhalyavm that have not received. Look white because sprinkled with lots of powdered sugar, otherwise not so white. You should try again otherwise you can not find the reason, probably something in the baking will be.

I have not refused of course. I generally do very sweet, so I will try and this time will be careful not I something wrong in the preparation of dough. Generally with puff nothing I did. How it should be like density, because maybe I came Talconia maybe less. Otherwise clear that for powdered sugar white. Otherwise do very tasty delight with milk, lard and baking powder and inside are snow white. Perhaps because of these soda have another color. Thanks for the advice. As a positive result, it will write.

I have long liked the recipe these days already will do and write what was the result

Very tasty but slightly them poizgorih May As some comments mentioned that remain raw in the middle, I decided to poostavya in the oven a little longer and thus received little poizgorelichki. Can you tell me how long bake a rough approximation?

Great sweets. For quite some time I was about them, but something kept me. A little while ago I pulled the second baking pan from the oven ... The first of May and I bit poprepekoh not poizgorih them, but a little nibble, the second however Paiute less and became more mekichki. Delicious, easy to prepare and economical. Will do it again.

Great sweet! Izyadoohme them for two days. Now I'm going to do two doses. Thanks for the nice recipe! Cheerful welcome in the New Year to the whole team of Happy Chef and all the others.

I've heard that these sweets become -prahkavi, making a with. Mass. My question is if you replaced the oil with lard, how should the quantity. Thanks in advance.

I've done them with lard, but with oil are definitely nice!

Amazing sweet, were enchanted home!

Very fast, easy and delicious!

unfortunately did not work well, little pasty and hard outside, will try again :)

anar, pity that they have not received, but try again. I always receive.

The second time they do, but this time experimenting - swapped Turkish delight with halva, raisins, dates, apricots. became very interesting!

we like sweet. Except roll in powdered sugar did not do very well. Next time I think I'm serving sugar in a box or envelope, add sweet and to shake to distribute the sugar evenly. I do not know if it would work, but I'll try.