Askvebo Irish (Irish Usquebaugh Cordial)

Submitted by enr on 27 Aug 2010
75 g raisins
50 g dried figs
30 g conservatory (candied orange peel)
10 capsules cardamom, green
4 tbsp fennel seeds
1 tbsp anise seeds
1 Matsis tbsp (Muscat color)
7 cloves
30 g licorice
5 notes saffron
750 ml Irish whiskey or French brandy
Askvebo Irish (Irish Usquebaugh Cordial)
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Raisins washed with hot water and dried. Figs finely. Oranzheatat cut onion in need. Cardamom is broken, the seeds are placed in a pestle with fenelat, anise, Matsis and cloves, and roughly crushed. Everything is placed in a large bottle with licorice. Saffron soaked in 2-3 tbsp water and poured with water to spices. Pour whiskey, close and shake thoroughly. Stayed four weeks in a warm, dark place (eg cupboard in the kitchen), shaking occasionally. After staying strained and strained spices squeeze hard. Run again through a filter. Stays still two months in a dark, cool place (eg cellar). Run through a filter in small bottles to not lose flavor when opening for serving. On this drink is attributed healing and vital action, but above all its flavor is bribery. * This is one of many variations of the drink. It is said that every English monarch had his own recipe, and homemade variations are certainly numerous.
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27 Aug 2010
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