Bachura (Bhatura) - Indian bread bubble

Submitted by enr on 21 May 2011
200 g flour
1 tbsp yogurt
1 tbsp sunflower oil
7 g dry yeast
1 tsp salt
1 tsp ground cumin
80 ml warm water
sunflower oil frying
flour flattening
Bachura (Bhatura) - Indian bread bubble
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Mix the flour, salt, cumin and yeast. Add the yogurt and water and is kneaded dough. Allow 15-20 minutes in a warm place to rise. The dough is knead lightly once again and divided into 8 balls. Each pellet rolled out on a floured surface to a small circle, which is placed in the heated sunflower oil and fry on both sides. The oil must be hot for mekitsi and so deep that launched him of dough to sink completely and the oil to cover it. During frying swells and becomes a balloon. Bachura can be made large, but it takes a lot more sunflower oil in a large saucepan. Is the most economical in small saucepan. Immediately after removing the rolls are hard, but after a minute or two weak.
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21 May 2011


What are these Members bread :)

Very interesting :)

Last night I dreamed it that bread bubble. I do it to pass me Merak. Aliana to soften covering them?

No, I'm not covering them, but we stayed about 10 minutes before meals and bpha ready. I naravih 2 doses - with and without cumin. With cumin are ideal to Indian dishes, and without just universal - with cheese, jam, or to present their European dishes - great!

Rally at what thickness should be prepare if? Thank you!

At about half a centimeter. But not too thin, because then not separated upper and lower layers.

Thank you :)

kneaded rolls recipe, but they Paiute oven. The first thing raztochih, had time to rise and baking started to swell (well, not as much as the pictures of Aliana). Others (not proving) does not blow, but again were very tasty. Next time I will try to leave shortly after flattening (have time to rise) and then you bake (and maybe fry them - as it is a recipe). The presence of caraway I loved it as a whole rolls were very tasty and had a nibble crust. I shaped the dough into 4 cakes (not that this is important).

I'm glad you liked the taste, but it is unfortunate that not ballooned. I think that to obtain this effect, have a very short time to heat up very strongly, which is best done when frying in deep oil. I have not tried to roast them, but if I do, I heated at high temperature oven and baking pan. I do not give a guarantee that will happen only ponder aloud;)

And I think the high temperature grease them *drives*. Oven I was well heated and I threw them directly on hot grill and other ... I've already described. But that does not blow no problem - the dough was very tasty and we ate them with pleasure.

Excellent recipe. Bachurki were wonderful. Made in both versions - and fried in the oven, and both ways are very successful and delicious. Thanks for the recipe and the idea of ​​Elti :) I noticed that while rolled in a thin, become larger bubbles inflate much more than they are thicker. :)

sbt03, many have become successful. BRAVO! Dough about how thin it prepare if - 2-3-4mm?

Thanks :) About 2-3 mm it raztochih. The oven does not become so much swollen, but they are very tasty.

Svetlana, great bachurki! This is the oven should try it, but later, at the moment I'm on a diet and not eat anything powdery. And the pictures are so tempting ... is counterproductive to watch them! ;)

Thanks :) And I stint of pasta and pastries, but I decided to indulge in this delicious meals :) Moreover, it is homemade and it is not full of preservatives and so on., Which are more more harmful, but not how to avoid them, unfortunately :( :)

Incidentally write Bathura :) - in the original recipe used samolina - or as we call it in BG meal and instead of yeast used baking soda. 2 cups white flour 1 tsp baking soda, 3/4 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 cup semolina, whole milk and water 3: 1 to make a medium stiff dough. Allow to stand for 2 hours then rolled 2-3 mm thick and fry in hot oil bath. not exactly :) unfortunately my link is an Indian chef - his English is good, but with a amazing accent. Anyway, none of the two variations of izpisanato above name does not go on the search engine - my Indian colleagues gave me this link ... obviously thought about this kind of pastry. I think that our colleague has made great Bulgarian variation of these recipes. Bravo and thanks!

DaniD - Bhatoora, Bhatura, Batoora (and bathura) are different spellings of this type of bread, as written in the article on Wikipedia, which Aliana is given below. If you look at the recipes that go search google for any of these words - all are very similar to this. That in the video, which use as a base (the only correct way to prepare :) in the preparation of this pastry is used as a meal supplement is just one of several variations of the recipe.

DaniD, which is your colleague with the wonderful Bulgarian variation? In the video a man ...

In Bulgarian - recipe is just like a recipe for *grandmothers* buhtichki! Ha! and Indians eat fritters! But otherwise writes: भटूरे :)) and then in Hindi, if their other official languages, the spelling is different hence the different latin. When the dough to add finely onions and bake called kulcha. Dispute whether put yeast or baking powder is like to argue whether the Belgian waffles are waffles because they are yeast or whether Liege waffles are waffles because they are baking powder and which is the original recipe for waffles.

I think it is useless to discuss Indian whether or not the recipe. Importantly, become successful and delicious. Resemble fritters, but still can not come up with a much different dough. If it comes and pizza is like toast, but Italian food :)

uhh - Girls begun dispute, and the last I wanted to make to argue ... Incidentally my colleague, actually five of them are India from Kerala, says Mini Varkala. Work in England, so I happen to interact with many different nationalities ... Anyway - both recipes are good - as long as you cook! Hello everyone!

Again in the oven, but this time more successful. Puffed just like a balloon.

Male, male, male, Eltiiiiii ... Oh, I will make them today for sure how tempted me! Give the exact making in the oven, please! :)

There is nothing specific. Raztochih tortillas with a thickness of 5 mm, put them on paper (without using a baking pan) and directly into the preheated oven (230 degrees). I did not let them rise for flattening After switching.