The banitsa mother

Submitted by enr on 09 May 2010
500 g peel
4 eggs
10 g baking powder
600 g yogurt
150 g feta cheese
20 ml sunflower oil
sunflower oil or butter for greasing the pan
The banitsa mother
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Corey recruit rose to a height, place in greased pan. In a preheated oven finished strong peel put and baked until slightly pink. Once cool peel on top crush the feta cheese. In bowl, stir eggs with a mixer, add the yoghurt and the oil to form a homogeneous mixture, and finally baking was added. Peels are flooded with the mixture and baked until golden brown. After baking, the banitsa turns on plates (according to the size of the tray is the number of dishes) and cover with a towel to smother. When cool, cut and served with buttermilk.
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09 May 2010


Very tasty pie looks! It can only be explained to me how *are employed rose*? Something I can understand, but I'm interested.

As the entire sheet catches him in mid exalt him slightly and rotate in a clockwise direction, hold it with your other hand and he rolled it like a rose. And when lightly browned reserves the height.

I've :) is super straight.More like this type pies than usual. Bravo !!!

I just pulled it, it is very nice! The next time I added a pinch of salt in the mixture :)