Soda pita on Christmas Eve

Submitted by enr on 18 Dec 2009
2 and 1/2 cup flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 tbsp vinegar
3 tbsp sunflower oil
coin and palm
Soda pita on Christmas Eve
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Soda lapses in vinegar. The flour is sieved and does well. It put the salt and the oil and the slow addition of 1 cup cool water is replaced soft dough. Add some flour and rest 10 minutes. In the dough put the quarter and willow twig wrapped in foil. In a greased pan with sunflower oil with hands shaped pita, leaving little dough ornaments. With a fork to prick the whole pita, not to crack. From leave the test with greased hands make cross on top of the pita. Smeared with sunflower oil and bake 30-35 minutes at 180 C. As is removed from the oven, sprayed with water and with a towel to soften. * To whom fall the quarter it will bring money and take care of the family, and the branch is for health and prosperity.
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18 Dec 2009


I've never COLD bread soda, always do with dry yeast. Ellie mekichka you going or hard?

cake becomes a crispy crust and soft inside. The duration of the baking depends on how thick is bread.

made bread. Ellie is really mekichka and delicious! Thank you for shared recipe! Now just so you do cake for Christmas Eve! I just want to say that my dose is small for my pan, which is 24 cm d.

Reni, thank zya warm words. Since our family increase this year will make dose and a half. I have tried, it is very nice.

great cakes became soft and tasty. I also will do it only for Christmas Eve.

We tested the recipe for this year and the bread was great! We will get it ready before next Christmas Eve. The idea of ​​the quarter to wrap in foil is very clever, well done :)

And I'd really like, but instead put salt vegeta. All loved it :)

When exactly put baking soda with vinegar after repay

In the well with oil and water.

I made a cake and all home straight impressed. Thanks Eli, that he shared with us. Now only this bread will prepare :)

Very soft and delicious cake! Thanks for the great recipe!

to me why I blew? He remained such flattened, gram not rushed. I followed the recipe exactly.

cakes became great, many thanks for the nice and easy recipe.

bread became great only that I see little in quantity and so I put a little of the dough, let her povtasa about 40min. okrasih top it off and was very nice and mekichka. I first make bread and am very proud of the result

amazingly good recipe

And me not swell, but I think that is normal for soda. And the taste is great and is mekichka of ordinary soda bread. Many thanks for the recipe!

cakes became great and very tasty! Thanks for this recipe for the first time make soda bread and I know that will surely repeat. And upload photos, decoration not get me very well, but the taste compensate :) :) :)

On preheated oven you put the bread to bake or switch immediately and put the bread?

Always put in preheated oven. I became involved after the oven and kneaded the dough until she heated for 10 min. The dough rest.

For the first time since 3god cake was my great thanks to this recipe.

Big cake first soda bread is so soft! Bravo for the recipe!

Very tasty cake, super easy and successful recipe.

The appearance might better deal, but otherwise was very delicious cake, always do on Christmas evening :)

A great recipe and I get to the first time!

to ponadue plenty can put 1 hour. L. Baking powder or ordinary water to replace with naturally carbonated water (Mihalkovo). Will try it on Christmas Eve :)

Hello! just made bread became great, the recipe is very good and successful. Thanks a lot! :)

Now I remembered you think that can be added to cheese?

can be added cheese anyway, but for Christmas Eve did not eat meat and dairy products, but the idea is good, the 6 get a very tasty cheese

Yes, it is, but I thought to do with cheese for St. Nicholas asked for it! Thanks for the clarification! :) Nice holiday! :)

I did a test today, and not to expose for Christmas Eve and get a very delicious and beautiful cake, except very tiny, you may do double dose. Also I think pretzels and salt decreased by half. Merry Christmas to all!

cake is great. Becomes soft and very quick to prepare. Many thanks for the nice recipe

And us we like! Really became mekichka :) I put it olives (my son does not like cake *nothing*), a few tablespoons of tomato juice and oregano. Next time I'll do a double dose (thus becomes quite small).

Definitely cake is small, I did a double dose and became normal, but very tasty. I added baking powder and I get less water. Thanks for the recipe :)

Hello! Yesterday for the first time prepared soda bread in this recipe. Not swell, but I guess if it was a normal soda. Was very tasty and for the first times I almost ate the whole cake! Thank you for the recipe! Happy Holidays! :)

My first soda bread. Delicious and easy.

Very tasty become bread! I did it, and last year, and this also repeated. Much liked by all!

Nice and easy recipe this year will repeat :)