Beans spinach

Submitted by enr on 28 Apr 2012
500 g beans
500 g fresh spinach
2 fleshy red peppers
1 carrot
piece of celery root
1 onion
handful of parsley
7-8 sprigs of mint
1 tea cup . crushed tomatoes
cayenne pepper optional
sunflower oil
Beans spinach
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Beans soak the evening, rinse, put in a new water, put him and the oil is boiled with carrot, onion, celery root and pepper, all chopped or grated. When the beans soften him add tomatoes, salt, cayenne pepper and mint stalks purposes. Allow to boil for ten minutes. Wash spinach, remove his handles and without tearing put in pan with the beans. Add parsley. Allow to settle, remove from heat and leave for another 20-something minutes with a lid. * Spinach can be replaced with another dock or The green depending on the season and preferences. * Together with mint can put green onions. * In how much water will boil the beans is according to taste - the dish can be made as a dish or soup.
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28 Apr 2012


Raleigh had forgotten this yummy, just today will cook beans and spinach and let my mother was making it so.

Very tasty happened, I use brown pinto beans.

Instead use orache spinach or sorrel / particularly suitable for soup /. Generally zeleniykite are a welcome addition to the beans.

Flower, you make it more dense and you richer. With brown beans I never straightness, although I love brown beans. Next time will be with him. Ina, my mother made it to the dock, and I lack of wards, teacher once tried it with spinach and certainly well worth it. The taste is different, but nice.

That is - each zeleniykite gives a different flavor. If you can not find sorrel, try. I think it will appeal :).