Biscuit layered cake with bananas

Submitted by enr on 11 Mar 2014
400 g biscuits
1.2 liters of fresh milk
200 g sugar
6 tbsp flour
50 g butter
2 bananas
1 vanilla
Biscuit layered cake with bananas
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Take 200 ml milk. The rest do milk milk cream, in a part of the cold milk dissolve the flour and the other weld the stove with sugar. Once the milk boils, add the milk mixture to the flour and stir continuously until the formation of the first bubble. Add to the finished cream cow's butter and stir until its absorption. After a slight cool cream, start assembling your biscuit cake. Each biscuit immerse in the space formerly milk and placing it in the tray or platter. After arrange the first row biscuits smear some cream. Cut the banana of not very thick discs and pad the cream on one line of them. Then arrange on top again biscuits, cream and then again bananas. So while arrange the entire cake. Cover it with plenty of cream and garnish with almonds. * You can improvise and make biscuit cake with different kinds of cream can be added different flavors can be made with many kinds of fruit like bananas can replace them with other fruit such as pineapple , melon or thinly sliced ​​pears, depending on the season.
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11 Mar 2014