Breaded yogurt (puree)

Submitted by enr on 28 Dec 2009
500 g drained yogurt, or puree
2-3 cloves garlic
salt, pepper
dill (optional)
3 eggs
100 g breadcrumbs
150 g flour (for rolling)
300-350 ml sunflower oil for frying
Breaded yogurt (puree)
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Milk (puree) flavored with salt, pepper and crushed garlic. Grebva with a small spoon of the mixture, add some flour, is shaped into a ball, immersed in beaten egg, then in breadcrumbs and again into the egg. Fry in a hot sunflower oil until browned. * Milk (puree), all the mixture should be very thick. * I like it ovkusih became somewhat rare and hardly shaping balls. 3-4 sachets added thickener for cream and became more dense. The taste is not changed. Part of the mixture put ground walnuts, in another part - dill and a few made with feta cheese. Became incredibly delicious balls (bites). If you put feta cheese, do not overdo it, to not become like breaded feta cheese.
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28 Dec 2009
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Bravo! I love it and will certainly do it for New Year :)

Very nice recipe! Super will try it soon, bravooo :)

best marbles are as walnut. If you are small puree feel less and breading more.

Bravoo! I love puree, and in this variyant would be great. Soon we will do it Bookmark

I watched in Zvezdev and immediately did. It is very tasty. I tried it with garlic and pepper, but I had not thought of nuts.

Tonight I wish hem, hem and occasion to do them. Expect my snimchitsi soon. At home puree is honor, especially as it is flavored with chesanche :) Well done again! EXCELLENT 6

Rosset will not regret. Toy worth :) I have an order for tomorrow night to do them again. I wonder if in the middle to put my little cubes of ham / sausage or other / ?! And so will try!

I made them! Toy really worth it. The taste is great and the breading was crispy and very tasty! I wonder next time you do them whether to put some pickles ... I think you'll get much better :)

Yesterday I made them. Were just great. Good for BABY recipe! No photo opportunity is just so tasty that disappeared before I could photograph them. I have only one suggestion. T. k. Strained yoghurt always not enough thick, then put a little seasoning it to cool (not to say that it almost froze) and then easily did it in balls that izparzhih. :)

sladurko, so is not as thick, so I put a thickener for cream.