Burning bell peppers - II type

Submitted by enr on 25 Sep 2011
5 kg peppers bell peppers (not very large)
3 liters of water
1 liter wine vinegar
150 g sugar
200 g salt
celery, garlic, carrots, leaves of quince or cherry
Burning bell peppers - II type
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Water, vinegar, salt and sugar are added to boil. Sweet bell peppers washed, cut the stalk (not gutting) and put in a deep container (cistern). Once you boil the marinade seasoning it with bells, shuffle them, cover and leave them one night to stay in the marinade, as occasionally stirring them. The other day in suitable jars put the bottom 2-3 leaves of quince or cherry (maybe without them), ranked bell peppers, optional add carrots, sliced ​​garlic, celery 1-2 branches, and so adding to the jar with bell peppers. Then pour the marinade in which stood the bell if the jars are screw screwed cap if ordinary jars sealed with a cap Used and store in the basement.
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25 Sep 2011


Will you also to withstand winter. I've done 1-2 times steamed peppers and after a while everything is discarded.

Well I 1977 I married and this is your favorite pickles family, my mother in law made 15 three-liter jar, that I do them every year, it happened to me to throw far from it, but it can be due to the fact that all products have my own production and are not packed with products and fertilizer, also is very important that vinegar is quality. I am also discarded pickles and sterilized it, but I found that it is purchased products was cauliflower, pepper was either bell peppers, but this is my opinion. The other day I bought one of those big red peppers that are now on the market one kilogram to roast that is my tiny, but were scorched first peeled very difficult to even suffocation, but also Muffler straight. This pickle because I worked on it today I robbed your Varhara yesterday and always her do with small kambichki.

rules such Sym Sym bell peppers and very pleased - wonderful recipe is

without aspirin and sterilization will last you

Below I commented. 33 years still I'm doing is I did not have problems, but I say that this is probably the quality of products, all are own production without fertilization and spraying chemicals. Use only manure (from goat).

In order to last longer during pickles, I cross it with aspirin. Some put other preservatives - sodium benzoate, leaves quince or cherry. Here probably the last two his influence. If sterilize, no need for preservatives.

Well, that's the advantage of living in a village because I have everything in the garden. Put and quince, and cherry and even the fig leaf that and added a very nice flavor. And the products are my production and happened to my left and pickle for next year without untouched to spoil.

sodium benzoate bell? He put the cabbage but bell aspirin or other preservatives

Please tell me, I think to do this seems to me a delicious pickle, just did not understand hot marinade you pour sweet bell peppers and then you put aspirin or sodium benzoate?

vanesska, according to what the author has written bells showered with hot marinade, so it must be said and burning pickle. Sodium benzoate or aspirin not put because the leaves of cherry and quince play the same role. This is my opinion, but if you have time wait to include the author of the recipe :)

thank Pepolina that explained correctly Vaneska, nothing I might add. Thought occurred to me, I never put aspirin in this pickle, but if someone so he was afraid to put on if you want, but do not know how much. If Vaneska mind flooding with marinade then in jars .. bay with cold marinade in which stood the bell.

Thank you very much for the reply, but I have no leaves of cherry and quince, if you do not put a problem? Then I need to put aspirin?

vanesska, is not a problem that you do not have leaves of cherry or quince can be put fig or vine, but if you do not have it and those without them. As I said pickles made from time immemorial in the family of my mother in law and my knowledge at the time there was no aspirin, but if you're afraid to put your consolation, but how much I can not tell you because I never make it with aspirin. .

Thanks very much, but I would put grape leaves and without aspirin, start doing it, it seems to me this great recipe

bell how long it will be ready to eat and you can with other peppers to be done?

In time I can not say because we pickles eat them during the winter and then pickle is ready. And with other peppers I have not rules and I can not say whether. Recipe know her from my mother in law and the only way to do sweet bell peppers years. My husband does not like pickles other than *cheats*.

will make pickles with red peppers at the market. I guess if I put bags of mustard seed will remain crisp as we love them. I put in other pickles and the effect is positive (instead of sodium benzoate). :)