Chicken with processed cheese and mushrooms

Submitted by enr on 26 Aug 2014
8 drumstick or other chicken for 4 servings
500 g fresh mushrooms or sterilized jars 2
300 g processed cheese spreads
pepper, salt
3-4 tbsp sunflower oil
parsley for sprinkling optional
Chicken with processed cheese and mushrooms
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Wash legs and put them in a suitable deep tray. Wash and cut the mushrooms into slices and add them to the legs. Drizzle with the oil, pepper and a little salt (be careful with the salt because processed cheese is savory) and a nice mix. Pour dish with hot water to cover the thighs, turn fsunflower with oil and put to bake in a preheated oven at 200C degrees. After 30 minutes, remove the pan from the oven and remove fthe oil. In a bowl put processed cheese and whipping by adding hot broth of the dish to a smooth pulp as boza. Pour this mess in the tray nice mix and return the dish in the oven. Bake for 20 minutes. The meal should not become thick - the sauce should be redichak. When serving can be sprinkled with chopped parsley. If you remain sauce you can use it for cooking pots ready meatballs or meatballs. Can be frozen in the freezer.
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26 Aug 2014


Mariyanka, how big boxes melted cheese? There are 200 g May will be much number 3?

Rally to tell you the truth these ones are 200 grams and I put in boxes 3 and again becomes a delicious dish is even more saturated taste-especially if you get a taste of roast chicken-it trepach..taka that may with 2 to do ..

This is one of my favorite dishes at home! Mariyanche, bravo, you think to add this recipe so delicious! :) I might prepare in Jena large saucepan, put all products and roast. Do not put oil. With two cans melted cheese sauce will not be as thick! :)

Very tasty and easy meal. Sometimes put sour cream and pickles.

very easily and very quickly prepared. I put everything in a pot and bake Jena. Can put in pieces salamche melted cheese instead of cans cheaper.

Mariyanka, girls, thank you! The dish will do for me when my husband is not, because it does not taste mushrooms (right to wonder man! ) :) Put it in your favorite!

Rally, even without mushrooms will be delicious! :)

hahaha Rally we have the same problem when I cook for the two of us instead of mushrooms slice 2-3 kartofcheta..moya also grilled mushrooms ... and I wrote the recipe as a guide did not know her every doizkusuryava- I say as speeches never repeat the same meal but just a recipe-ever something or change or as your dobavyam..ta who is most tasty there is nothing losho..dazhe exchange experiences and new ideas, I for example, I had not thought so far to put pickles, but next time I would put, as sometimes I add a little liquid cream cheese-but you have not I thought of sour th how many new things I learned this pokraya cooked meal ..

I forgot to mention that this time was specially prepared with mushrooms for the son and the daughter-son too not eat cheese but this dish adores her-a snahichkata if at all, by her kusvala and wrote the recipe for her that her son pressed cook it to him to have from where to gleda..hihihihi

Mariyanka, last night I did it without mushrooms (thanks to Bobby :)). I have not tried it, because something I've upset stomach and drive the tea. 4 large baked chicken legs (upper and lower, but cut them). Peko them nearly an hour alone with little some water, then stirred 400g melted cheese in 100 ml of water, put 1 h. H. Chopped herbs, 2 mashed garlic cloves and pepper, and I poured legs. Peko about 20 more minutes. Was intended for my husband to dinner last night and to take for lunch today. Yes, but last night by opretna - were only two drumstick, hahahaha :) I put it to him to work on, but will be getting enough with store-bought;) Many thanks for the recipe, thank the girls for shared tricks :)

Will it work so tasty with rabbit meat?

Tani_vd, I think so! I really love zeashko and accommodate their recipes for chicken to it. It always happens. Only do not bake natur because no skin like chicken;) But wrapped in bacon becomes dream. So for this recipe probably will be :)

And with rabbit becomes deliciously! I put him OE pickles, onion and a little white wine. Bake it in a pot. Becomes very tender and juicy :)

Thank you all for your trust and have chosen my recipe for the winner. I am glad that the dish you like.

Very tasty rose and made extremely easy. I did in Jena tenzhdera and put potatoes. Licking his fingers. Thanks for the nice recipe :)

This recipe is very similar to my *Chicken with cream stew* Пиле cream in casseroles , receive is also delicious.

ronicat to the recipes are similar, but without my cream-learned this recipe from my friend who was visiting his sister in Spain and there are also cook this yastie..dalgo time hesitated whether to publish, published my version of the Свинско with potatoes and melted cheese - II type time ago for the simple reason that my husband does not like mushrooms too so they swapped to original recipe as I've publication provided here is another thing ... as I've said no necessarily a dish to cook exactly the recipe, anyone can improvise, I am adding and pickles, I've done it with rabbit meso..taka that will test your and I doubt it will be delicious ..

be taken into account here. Prepared recipe and added pickles. Except that my oven broke down near the end of the meal became tasty :)