Chips of thin bread

Submitted by enr on 03 Jun 2014
thin bread (Arabic bread or tortilla, wrap or tortilla)
sunflower oil or olive oil or other fat optional
dry garlic or other spices optional
Chips of thin bread
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Bread cut into small pieces with size suitable for crisps. The pieces are arranged on a tray and sprayed with a little oil and sprinkle with spices optional. Bake 15 minutes at 180C degrees.
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03 Jun 2014


They are very tasty, before I worked with Philippine and they they did many such chips so the nurses and we learned from them, but Chubrika samardala and mirodiyka gave great taste th Philippine still dabble in our bags that were different flavor than their own. You reminded me of them had left them. Note ,, prepared recipe and get uspeshnozashtoto know how many are delicious and very easy.

slim bread it razlepyam two. In oil add paprika, and cayenne can all Myrodata little salt, brush paint the bread on both sides and cut with scissors.

color, many thanks for the clarification! In the original recipe, bread is sprayed with a spray, which I have not heard there in Bulgaria. Your way is more suitable.

I divide into two (two layers flat Arab bread) accumulated on each other and once cut with a knife into pieces. Oil / olive oil put in a bowl, add the spices and mix (you may leave a little to take the smell) and then paint with a brush on both sides and bake. I have tried spray, but I think with the brush spices stick better. A great way to utilize old Arabic bread. Thanks for reminding me about the recipe, Gerry :)

stood now make them harvested bag withstand a lot if you stay.

I did it as I turned, turmeric, lim. little juice, cayenne. pepper, vegeta, all available mirudyki, shredded chesanche, sesame, olive spreads shredded with scissors and put in the oven and sat down for a bit before the company ,, is a half-burned but them and ate them, took pictures and I could not transfer my photos the apparatus technique because I wiped the program. The same bread I use as a basis for pizza, quick and easy. Gerry thank you for reminding me for the recipe.

color, Nevi, very glad that with this my *discovery* I regained pleasant memories. Enjoy your meal!