Chocolate tart

Submitted by enr on 30 Nov 2012
# For the biscuit base:
250 g biscuits (tea)
80 g butter
80 g couverture chocolate
# For ganasha:
400 g couverture chocolate
250 ml milk
100 g butter
Chocolate tart
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The base melting the butter and the bedspread and dumped on ground in a blender biscuits. Confused well and spread in shape (26 cm) and shape the curb. We leave in the refrigerator until ready cream. Ganasha as we prepare to boiling milk add the crushed parts of very small quilt. Last add the melted butter. Stirring with a spoon until a thick cream. Pour over the base and leave to cool to room temperature and sown in the refrigerator for several hours. * It is important that the quilt be small pieces to melt more easily. * The butter in the cream is melted but not hot. * tartan is cut best with hot, dry knife. * I used the image of form with an opening edge 28 cm, because I have a smaller size. * You can add optional whole hazelnuts in cream or sprinkle with coconut.
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30 Nov 2012
Άκης Πετρετζίκης-Greece