Christmas stump (Yule log)

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# For the base:
6 eggs
2/3 cup sugar
1 cup flour
1 tbsp cocoa (packed)
50 g butter
# For the filling:
200 g white chocolate
50-100 g almonds
200 ml cream (more than 30% fat)
# For the chocolate glaze:
150-200 g of dark chocolate
200 ml cream (more than 30% fat)
powdered sugar for sprinkling
Christmas stump (Yule log)
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Base: The butter is melted and set aside. Eggs are broken down sugar for 5 minutes, until they were fluffy. Flour and cocoa sifted. Slightly cooled butter (but liquid) is poured on the edges of the container with the egg mixture. Flour and cocoa sifted again and add 2-3 fold into the egg mixture, stirring gently with a spoon so as not to drop the mixture. Thus prepared mixture is poured into a pre-oiled and littered with paper baking tray with dimensions 30h35 cm (I used the tray from the oven). The base bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 10-15 minutes (until lightly pressed with a finger is raised again). Remove from the pan and turns of plot, covered with a large piece of baking paper, cover with a clean cloth and leave to cool. The cold base aligns the edges and rolled up starting from one of the long sides. For winding paper use for baking, which is the base, it remains in the roll. Filling: Cream is put to boil, remove from heat to cool a little and then it is put the broken white chocolate. Stir to dissolve completely. Ganashat leave to cool a little and put in refrigerator. Frosting: Cream is put to boil, remove from heat to cool a little and then put it in the broken dark chocolate. Stir to dissolve completely. Ganashat leave to cool a little and put in refrigerator. White and brown Ghana must be tightened so that it can be brushed (white may be a liquid) - this takes about 40-50 minutes in the refrigerator. The base develops inside is coated with white chocolate mixture and sprinkle with chopped lightly cooked (cut or pins) peeled almonds. Wound into a roll again. From the finished roll is cut piece - which will serve as a branch of the stem - by cutting a corner can then be mounted at an angle. On the other side of the tree also cut a piece of angle - to look more realistic stalk. Roll is placed in a suitable plate or tray until it is placed and branches * *. Spread well with chocolate icing. With fork glaze make strips the sheet of the tree. Stalk sprinkle with powdered sugar. * I used the cream with 45% fat. * 1 cup = 250 ml * The traditions of many European nations included as part of the celebration of the winter holidays felling of large and hard stump. This piece of wood people are keen on the eve of a great holiday, which in recent times has been transformed into Christmas Eve. In Bulgaria logs that warm night house is called Yule log. This Yule log cake symbolizes the modern table.
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20 Dec 2011


Xevi, bravo! He took my idea of ​​Christmas Eve :). Yule log of French sounds like Bûche de Noël. Connect it with the true story of the 17th century - Napoleon issued an order, all families in Paris at night to close chimneys, not really, not to get sick and do not waste wood at night. Crazy whim of the French emperor deprived of the opportunity to light a fire outbreaks on Christmas Eve and enjoy the warmth and festive sparks sprayed traditional Badnik. French confectioners found a solution. These famous masters of chocolate and cake calorie temptations created and shaped like the felled tree called Bûche de Noël (Badnik).

I used the idea of ​​shaping, otherwise inside my stump is most usually roll with crackers and hip jam. Joyous celebration of all!

I put a forgotten photo. The roll was very tasty. I made two rolls. I did a double dose Ghana white top and inside, because I shaped stalk top with chocolate crust on the principle: on a flexible tape like texture pad I have brought two types of chocolate - first natural, with a spatula type comb, made sharp, and I have brought milk chocolate, then buckthorn stalk with tape.