Cookies sweet rocks with biscotti

Submitted by enr on 31 Aug 2010
400 g biscuits (loose)
200 g biscuits
100 g ground walnuts
3 tbsp cocoa
100 g butter
1 egg
150 g chocolate
4-5 tbsp rum (or essence rum)
2-3 tbsp sugar
200 ml water
100 g MM or striped candy sticks or other decoration of your choice
Cookies sweet rocks with biscotti
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Chop biscuits crumbs or grind them in a food processor. Add the walnuts, cocoa, egg and the butter, previously melted. In a deep dish put the water, sugar and rum. Stir for a few minutes until the sugar was melted. Take one biscotti, immerse it into water per second on both sides and cut into large cubes in the biscuit mixture. Knead nice mixture. Take her marbles and shaping them kind of pears. Arrange on platter. In a small saucepan Break the chocolate and add a little of the butter and 2-3 tbsp water (maybe milk). Melt it in a water bath. Wait two or three minutes to start to harden and spoon pour the tips of the sweet rocks. Decorate with colorful candy, sticks or other of your choice.
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31 Aug 2010


An interesting option of biscuits and small rocks. But I reserved to the addition of raw egg / in other recipes I gave this opinion /. I would not do without. What are these *candy MM* and for what - for decoration or ingredients?

Hello, tillia. I also reacted with the egg in the recipe, but I assure you that taste is not noticeable and does not nikakvo importance stga to not allergic (so much people every morning drink raw eggs). But try without it, their taste is as Commercial Premium. Just be careful with the oil not to overdo it to not become very severe adding it little by little even if not the entire amount as long as you knead the mixture does not crumble. A candy is ornamental these emems Sharenka where you do not melt in his hands and made of chocolate (they are optional and your choice). Success in the kitchen!

Super recipe. Only izpolzzhat biscuits Desi of two types - one with powdered sugar are obiknozhenite and other powder-free, slightly brown drier. XT becomes. :)

It was pretty good! I do not put the egg (not good for pregnant women), and because I had a great time, the dough did roll a little Nutella for stuffing. Quick, easy and delicious!