Cooking recipes with oatmeal and zelenishi

Submitted by enr on 15 Apr 2011
# For the marbles:
250 g minced meat
2 tbsp fine oatmeal
1/2 onion
spices for flavor - of your choice: herbs, black pepper, cumin
flour for rolling
# For the soup:
1 onion (old, leeks, fresh)
1 carrot
piece (herb) celery
1-2 potatoes
1 handful zelenishi
2-3 cloves garlic (fresh sprig)
2- 3 tbsp fine oatmeal
1 tomato (or canned)
3 tbsp sunflower oil
salt or beef bouillon cubes
Cooking recipes with oatmeal and zelenishi
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Pre minced meat mixed with oatmeal, chopped or sliced ​​onion and spices. The mixture was kneaded well and leave well covered in the fridge for half an hour. In boiling salted water, add chopped onion, carrot and celery. From minced meat form small balls which are pressed into a meal and after 10-15 minutes were added. Add potatoes, oatmeal and the oil. Since products are soft add chopped tomato, garlic and zelenishi. After a few minutes the soup is removed from the heat and sprinkle with chopped parsley.
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15 Apr 2011


borough supichka. Put in favorites. Will surely like it.

Ive, basically this is a traditional soup balls without thickener, but instead put the rice porridge. Because now is the season of The green, I added for flavor a little dock, nettles and famous canola leaves.

and I liked the idea of ​​oatmeal, but canola leaves little hesitation. We have never tried it, I'm not even aware that they eat. My friend put in the soup pasta asterisks (letters, couscous) and others. like squiggles. Bulgarian is a creative woman, so thank you for shared recipe!

Great idea. Soon will try

akva7, try them colza leaves are delicious. I first time I decided to use them I was very skeptical (in this soup - Soup leaf radish ), but the result is very good.

Oatmeal soup in itself may be replaced with vermicelli, and if no zelenishi to do without them, add other vegetables, such as peppers, and in winter - broken toasted dry pepper or hot pepper.