Blend pumpkin pie

Submitted by enr on 25 Dec 2009
1 kg pumpkin
7-8 eggs
3-4 tbsp sugar
3-4 tbsp flour
600 ml milk
80-100 g raisins
2-3 vanilla
3-4 tbsp sugar to caramelize
Blend pumpkin pie
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Pumpkin Peel, cut into pieces and boiled in water. Once cooked, drain and passaged. Eggs, sugar, flour, milk and vanilla and mix crash. Add to them the boiled pumpkin and blend. In a baking dish is caramelized sugar on top and pour the mixture. Sprinkle with raisins and baked in a water bath.
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25 Dec 2009


Great cake. Bravo! And the picture is great.

It is really great cake. Something like pumpkin custard. Light and aromatic taste.

Incredibly delicious pumpkin custard :)

Very tasty cake! I'm sorry, I did a half dose (I had just enough left over cooked pumpkin). The recipe is really good! Bravo!

very tasty look, I do not like pumpkin, but will do it for my husband will surely like

Petya, and my son does not like either pumpkin or custard, but really liked the cake :)

in a silicon mold can you bake in a water bath, I have not tried, but I doubt whether the silicone will not get water from the bath, or to do so in a simple form cakes

I have Peko in silicone form - do not worry, no problem :)

will try to see whether it will go, a friend has done kodrit Kadir in silicone form and did not work, and I in a simple form cakes I tried, but once was water, then catch is with this dessert. thanks renito

But can also be used instead of raisins or walnuts and raisins and walnuts

Petya, I think raisins suits it already, but it is still a matter of taste. Last night I prepared the cake, wait half to go to try it! :) Personally, I postponed the moment with the addition of raisins, thought that the dough is very rare and raisins will prove to be the bottom. For this I decided to sprinkle after prezpolovya baking later, however, got lost and forgot ... but I think that without them get much better! Success in preparation! :)

only tell you how troubled I can laugh at me, but I do not know how to cut the pumpkin with these thick sheet and a large pumpkin and get angry and HAMMER January blur straight, and so cut off what I need and Now boil we'll see what happens then.

pleasant surprise for the taste buds: soft pumpkin mousse! Great dessert I filled well chilled, the next time I make in bowls custard! It remains to favorites! :)

interesting taste. Great work. Bravo! Go to Favorites.

Great cake! :)

Do the raisins to soak in advance or take their cooks? And should such Kodrit Kadir to wait after firing one night before turning?

This time I did it in mono muffins (I saw Nelly) :) is great! Iliana, and I like Orris think that the dough is rare, if put raisins will sink to the bottom (so they miss). A turning-case wait overnight :)

Ah, that solar photo ... :) Reni, is great! :)

Nelly, thanks! I liked this *solar* for my photo :)

I did it without raisins. I do not get cake mixes and dumped the rest in lower court. I turned it a few hours and had no problem (with the passage of the knife edge, of course). Very tender and tasty. Thank you :)

Reni, applause from me! :)

Thanks, Pepi! :)

Reni, sweet - great photo worthy of this original recipe trixcy! :)Only one technical question - obviously baked in silicone rose-shapes and look great. Silicone Does not damaged by caramel - when pouring and subtraction? And when you win in silicone YOU AGAIN OF WATER BATH? So far, caramel've done only in metal shapes, although I have a lot and silicone, but their use mainly to gelatin and pastries. Please, light me! :)

CVETETO3101, thanks! :) There's nothing wrong :) silicone is not damaged by caramel and when you bake in a water bath. I admit that the last time I made the cake (florets) forgot caramel :) Otherwise, it usually bake cakes in shape (silicone), see my photos 4, 5 and 6 to the recipe (there I have not forgotten) :)

Reni, dear - very tenks! Will try and silicone! I have three pumpkins violins and not fast (God forgive me! ). Round cake is super - comes to me with a spoon dipped in the monitor! :) :) :)