Crispy chicken nuggets with honey and sesame

Submitted by enr on 08 Feb 2010
500 g chicken fillet
1 tsp sesame sunflower oil
1 tsp five spice (sold in Chinese stores, but may only ginger)
2 tbsp corn starch for rolling
sunflower oil frying
3 tbsp honey
2 tbsp sesame
1 tbsp lemon juice
# breading:
2 tbsp corn starch (or cornmeal)
100 g flour
10 g baking powder
1 egg white
Crispy chicken nuggets with honey and sesame
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Fillet cut into chunks. If slightly frozen cut much easier and proper forms. The meat was mixed with sunflower oil and sesame spice (ginger) and left for 15 minutes. breading: Corn starch (flour), flour and baking powder sifted in a bowl. Add 300 ml water and stirred to give a homogeneous mixture. Egg white mix of foam and was carefully added to the dough. fat is poured into a wok and heat to fumes. This is very typical of Chinese cuisine - fried on a very hot fire in a very short time. Instead wok can be used deep tenzhera. Each bite is add some cornstarch and brushed the excess. Flood dough and fry in preheated oil until golden. Chicken nuggets are placed on the towel to drain. Oil from the wok and pour put honey and lemon juice, heated to medium heat. Gradually add fried meat. When the meat is completely covered with honey, remove and ranks in a dish. Sprinkle with plenty of sesame. Serve hot. Can be served with boiled rice, rice noodles or steamed zelentsutsi.
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08 Feb 2010