Crispy waffles

Submitted by enr on 06 Jul 2010
300 g flour
250 g butter
250 g sugar
4 eggs
Crispy waffles
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In a bowl, break up slightly melted butter with sugar, add eggs, flour and vanilla to give a solid mixture. Waffle and heat them with a spoon, put the mixture in the form. Bake mode.
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06 Jul 2010


waffle them make the dough pancakes. This reminds me of pastry cakes. Once I made them with sugar and plenty more like biscuits, just not to our taste. This recipe will try and then I will give an assessment.

Well I do not know whether like, cakes of dough, if that should become solid. This is a shortbread recipe I got it when I was visiting years ago in Hungary.

Mimi, perhaps it would be better to specify how firm should make the dough in the recipe itself. More familiar test waffles are liquid, so it sounds a bit strange :)

mimi281977 an exact amount of flour (not written as to give a thick batter) so as densely get this amount of flour so. Only technology I think the oil should be softened and broken up with sugar, then add the eggs and flour. But I will leave mimi281977 specify.

Elti, exactly make waffles. A truly dough becomes quite hard. Oh, you like it and will wait for your feedback.

Mimi dough waffles should be less liquid and butter should be melted and I to me become crispy gofretkite put 3s.l. corn flour and egg whites separately mix of foam and finally add

tillia, a spoon, a little do not agree with you that a spoon, put only liquid stuff, believe me, that ,, ,, solid mixtures put most comfortable in my way.

zlatin4eto0, thanks for the help you. I do not put melted butter with mixer crashed beautiful and so. And when I ,, of liquid ,, waffles, then put separated Belton, and not here. So I do not know what to change drank this recipe.

Super recipe! Tomorrow I will try them for breakfast :)

This morning I made waffles on this recipe and very tasty. Only had a problem with cooking because hot are very soft. Goes to Favorites! Thanks for the recipe!