Rural leavened bread

Submitted by enr on 30 May 2010
# For the leaven (kvasets):
100 g flour
1 tbsp wheat bran
pure (spring) water
# Bread:
700 g flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vinegar
Rural leavened bread
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In a ceramic or glass bowl shuffle products leaven, as the density of the mixture should be like cake batter. Leave at room temperature overnight. Can shuffle from time to time. The next day add another 1 tbsp flour and a little water. Stir and leave. Wait 2-3 days. During this time a sort of fermentation. The mixture should have bubbles. Add another 1 tbsp flour and a little water and again mix. Leave until the mixture initial rising and new bubbles appear (this may take 2-3 days, depending on the room temperature). Now kvasetsat ready. To add sifted flour finished yeast, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp vinegar and lukewarm water. Interfere soft dough. Leave it for 20-30 minutes. Shuffle again and again leave to rest for about 30 minutes. Last mix and place in a baking dish, oiled and sprinkled with flour. We leave in a warm place to rise (it takes about 2-3 hours). This way of making bread is almost forgotten, but if you have nostalgia for the rural aromatic bread and patience can prepare it yourself. Baba preparing necessarily this kind of bread for Christmas Eve and called him alive bread. From the prepared ready yeast can take one spoon and nourish it with new flour and water. So the faster you will get a new starter. For shuffling yeast products use a wooden spoon, not metal. * Read the article Хляб with homemade sourdough (kvasets) - there you will find many useful tips on preparation of leavened bread.
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30 May 2010


This should be a very tasty bread. Will definitely try it. For the first time I see such a recipe for kvasets.

Yes, really tasty. This brings me bread in childhood, when I ran to the oven and return would eat almost a loaf of bread. Very rarely do I make because I have a habit to store yeast. A word kvasets not know whether it is correct or dialect, but said her grandmother, so I used it. Hopefully you can make kvasets the first time to not quit. Success i4eto3421.

Elti, intrigued me with this leaven! I have questions - making it takes about a week. *Room temperature* in summer and in winter is different. Now, in the heat, you will be spoiled Danger? And how stored ready leaven?

tillia, it is actually in *spoiling* the secret. Bacteria from the air cause the mixture to ferment (do not know if that's the term) - similar to the bacteria that makes yogurt. In hotter during the process will become faster in cold - more slowly. It is important to make a new addition of flour 2-3 times. So after we see the first bubbles in the mixture, put a little flour and a little water and leave to ferment again and so several times (do not know exactly why they are doing, but I think it becomes active). The smell of the mixture also changes with time. When you get soft sour flavor that does not irritate the senses kvasetsa ready. Leaven little store. I heard that it was in the fridge, in a closed jar or ceramic pot, but I tried. Always new grip when I decide that I would need. There is another option - the finished leaven is kneaded with additional flour to obtain a stiff dough and dried. Then, when we decide to use it, dissolve in water and use for kneading. But I have no experience in this case. I hope I helped. Give me it clearly showed me easier, but whether it explain understandably do not know. I hope you have success!

Thank you for the comprehensive response and for personal communication will try the recipe and write the result

I put new pictures. They can be seen and how it looks finished leaven.

seems very soft and tasty. Your pictures are great and give a good idea of ​​bread!

Thank you, tillia. This time I put more baking pan that had alone to look after the whole afternoon and I was afraid not to go in souring. It is therefore somewhat spilled. Kneaded it in 10 hours before lunch and got a baking until 8:00 in the evening.

advanced bit by bit. Today dough divided into three parts. Raztochih them small tortillas covered them with margarine. I put them on each other, I turned roll and roll - snail. Sprinkled with seeds. It is delicious. I only give an account here, but still advise - be careful with the salt (if you overdo may not leavened dough)

A, and! I write, but I will do it as pozahladnee little that I do not stand in a hot kitchen. I have not given up. And you hone and write, so that we more easily!

VERY tasty bread obtain. Deserve the wait. While roasting in the whole apartment smelled delicious warm bread and butter. Once baked buttered and sprinkled with colorful salt and savory.

i4eto3421, congratulations - You have done great! I am very glad that you liked the bread (it is difficult to make, but the taste justifies everything). Thanks for the nice pictures.

Yesterday again made bread. Also, the result was excellent. Only slightly overdid with kvasetsa :), and had a slightly sour taste. I did like you, 2 times was leaving for 15 min. And let it rest overnight at room temperature.

i4eto3421, makes me enjoy your successes. Bravo! If you have photos again put them.

I used the recipe to make this year's bread (*Bozic*) for Christmas Eve. I added a little yeast (1/4 cube) as a kind of insurance. Became a little fluffy, but the flavor of sourdough be maintained.

Another leavened bread for Christmas Eve. Kvasetsat I get very active - double and triple that volume. Smelled wonderful. But when kneading bread still added a little yeast (was afraid not to become a failure just for holiday).

Hello! And I decided to make rural leavened bread. Successfully, for which I thank the author for detailed instructions. I decided to make a new starter. Bet January yesterday. At room temperature and began to effervesce, to make bubbles today. But why smelled bad? Of deterioration. Nothing to do with the smell of sour leavening like the first time. Is it normal or bet a new starter? Thanks in advance!

darena. 666, the first to congratulate you that you failed the first time. The recipe is difficult but after several attempts, one already obtained flair. If you picked a new leaven and it smells bad in the beginning, is completely normal. Wait 2-3 days and will show. Can be born, and maybe it turned sour. Just wait and add flour as technology. I wish you success! And to me so happens - once obtained, sometimes - not.

Thanks for the reassurance. First used the yeast two months. Besides bread and made a great cake. But after not kept sourdough bread. The new house stink, I assure you! I'll start from the beginning. It is very warm here / I live in Greece / and we will keep it in the refrigerator on the first day. I will comment here. Hopefully others to try and learn from my mistakes. There are very real things that we eat today, so I will not give up. I add only that the first starter not add any baking and proof of 2. 30h.

I learn by the *trial and error* :))) Comment here what, how and when it is received, because so help each other. In very hot weather and I could not germ yeast. Write how you behaved in the refrigerator. Successful day!

Hello ELTI! To share what happened to kvasetsa engage in a refrigerator. Three days -Nothing. The third took him out for the night. By noon of the day received chetartiya bubbles. I got it and the next night it pulled again. On the fifth day morning began to extract and sour smell. I say smell because it was different than the first time. It reminded me scalded tomato. I added flour and water and put it in the refrigerator. On the seventh day it feeding it again. Today is the eighth day and I think that is ready for use, but I'll wait until tomorrow. I hope it does not fail.

You've heard of yeast, which is dried and, if necessary, dissolved in water is used. That is right. Here in Greece, at least in the area where I live do not know another way of storage. If you interisuva will write the details.

Hello! Leaven get this time. Already use it without worrying indeed the salt plays a role in rising process of bread. I wish success to all who decide to try, because I read somewhere that granulated yeast is not as harmless.

darena. 666 For dried yeast I will answer you. With the finished yeast knead hard dough whatever amount you wish. Divide into pieces 80-100 grams, shaped like a small cake and dried. The cakes are stored in the refrigerator, can withstand months. When you need a cake soak in warm water to dissolve and become mushy. Put three tablespoons flour two and leave in a warm two three hours while effervescent and revive and here's ready to leaven bread. Even easier is like knead bread to take some of the dough and leave it in the refrigerator in a cup covered with flour. Messiah bread next procedure is the same as the dry bread.

vaskab, thanks for the advice drying yeast. I still have not tried your comment and I find it very useful. Darena. 666, I'm glad that you use the recipe to success and already caught and intricacies :) Well done!

Zdr. Very impressed by this way of making bread and kvasets no how will it try. Now is exactly the time Christmas Eve is approaching and what could be better than to have people to return to old traditions to preserve and transmit them. Only I did not understand, but maybe I missed somewhere, at what temperature it bake bread, whether fan or not, and where in the oven bottom or in the middle, for how long? You anoint it with something you bathe him as they say, turns you into a towel after being ready. Thank you in advance.

Hello, mons1977. I am glad that the recipe has caused interest :) This bread is baked in a preheated oven temperature 220. During baking monitor and reduce the temperature if the crust is browned and the bread was not ready. I bake without a fan of lower grille, incorporating top and bottom heating. The warm, just out of the oven bread, wrapped with a cloth. Good luck with the uptake of yeast and hope in you zauhae this good bread.

Thanks for the reply! I could not wait and bet kvasetsa yesterday evening, I hope to become successful, you will be very glad if I can.

Hlyabcheto is divine ... no one waiting to cool :)

I am very happy, elityyy79 :) Enjoy your meal!

I can enroll. On the fourth day become leaven and kneaded bread last night, this morning she baked and let her touring nivkata. I look forward as we get home from work to try. Smelled so nice home this morning freshly baked bread just is not true. :) I hope to be received from the inside.

do today for the third time with sourdough bread, and three times without fail. If life only that I did. Experiment with spices, peas, rye flour, mix of seeds, simply magical. A huge THANKS to ELTI for shared recipe! :)

I am very happy, juli. d! And I thank you for the nice words! Enjoy your meal! For me there is still a succession of successful to unsuccessful, but already failed them Eat :)

From the rye flour and a tablespoon of bran leaven is very fast - 2 days. Cake of graham flour with caraway, salt and colorful seed is just splendor.

stirring leaven of flour (mixture of rye-wheat) bran water. The next day began to appear (slightly sluggish) bubbles. For four days nourish, Berkeley and so on.. At first smelled slightly sweet, then began to sour, reached the smell of sour boza (quite sharp at that), and I thought that should be ready. Kneaded bread was rising for the first 4 hours (leaped pretty decent) premesih, rise again for about an hour and baked. It smelled pretty acidified :( dark was inside :( and quite peculiar taste, though not gletav and visible porosity. Is this normal? And sour smell? (PS I personally never tried leavened bread and do not know what to get.)

sourdough bread has a different taste of this yeast and has a slightly sour taste. Darker I received when I put more yeast. As leaven describe, I think you received exactly as it should. But sour smell and taste still is not intrusive in the finished bread. I assume from rye flour may have received a strong leaven for this so strongly felt.

Thanks for the reply! Meanwhile it again with a new yeast and white flour (I put a little rye) and get much better :) I get the impression that the first time and my little dough is prevtasalo more (read later how it looks). I will work on it!

In the old leaven and prevtasalo test a sour flavor of the bread. I had such periods and I thought that was normal. After searching around the internet and view quite videos youtube, managed to make soft bread without sour flavor. Incidentally succeeded and bakery. Put the pan in 150 ml of active yeast 300 ml. of warm water, 2 pm. l. sugar 1 1/2 hours. l. salt, 500 g. of flour. Adjust the debt program, at least 3, 5:00, quantity - 1 kg and degree of browning *dark crust* and drop. A superb bread whatever type of flour used.