Decoration * Butterfly *

Submitted by enr on 18 Oct 2011
2 cucumbers
200 g lukanka
200 g other meat product (pictured is ham)
by about 100 g - 2 types of cheese, feta cheese
2 olives
Decoration * Butterfly *
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Cut in kadastron as you wish (idea - an anniversary or St. Valentine - heart shape) and then check the oil fsunflower aluminum top to be more aesthetically pleasing). Peel the cucumber stripes and cut into larger and elliptical circles, throw all the cucumber because they also come in the decoration of the butterfly. After you initiate calves butterfly switching to another cucumber, which peeled, thinly sliced ​​and stack at the end of the wings, then pass to the cutting of other products and do not forget to put antennae * * Butterfly - olive stuck on toothpicks . The beauty of this decoration is complete freedom of products and forms that you use. Play with the colors of the food. May instead lukanka or other sausage to put morsels of chicken, cheese, feta cheese, etc. Separately can make it as a salad of portsii- smaller shapes and stacked vegetables.
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18 Oct 2011


Original! Very good idea!

I liked the starter and I wrote it down, as an idea, but *decoration* sounds a little rough for this delicious butterfly.

wonder! Will surprise my pet!