Eggplant dolmas

Submitted by enr on 15 Jul 2011
3 eggplants
1 egg
3 green or red peppers
1 egg
150 g feta cheese
parsley, dill, oregano, salt
2 tomatoes
3 cloves garlic
150 g cheese
Eggplant dolmas
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Eggplant fry in sunflower oil, as previously sliced ​​and drained their bitterness. Mix the egg, add the feta cheese, baked and diced peppers (if using and green, and red will become more tasty and colorful), parsley, dill, oregano and chopped garlic. Stuffing mix well. Two pieces of eggplant overlap lengthwise so as to obtain a long tape, and thereon a cross in the same way are put two. Place the filling, and then put a slice of tomato. Eggplants rolled so as to obtain the packet. Put cheese on top. Eggplants are placed in a tray and bake for 15 minutes.
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15 Jul 2011


I really like the recipe! Bravo! On Monday I will have guests and May of this will guests because I can prepare it in the morning or the night before and keep warm individual servings immediately before serving in the evening.

Tell me just how many servings are you out of you, please! Make my account.

Oh, again I remembered something else. One of my guest does not tolerate lactose, ie cheese I can not offer him. Can I replace the cheese with fried minced example? Or will crumble filling? To do just 2 doses - one with cheese, one with mince?

I'm glad you liked the recipe. Of this amount I received about a dozen *stuffed*. The filling can be as you like, just be more thick to not expire. You can do any combination of sausage, mushrooms or chicken :))

The dish can be served with a sauce of yogurt, as is done for zucchini. Fits very well at least my taste and mustard sauce. Acquires a slight spicy flavor without intruding too :)

Thank you :) I will report what I have groomed :)

Be sure to say what the results are. You may upload a picture to see what yummy has received :)

Mmmm ... Anego, this is a great kebab! will combine and I'm sure it will be very tasty! Thanks for the idea :)

And this idea is very good and I will try it. Will surely be delicious :) Something like stuffed eggplant, but served in a more original way :)

Wow I liked this recipe ... as soon as possible will try.

I'm glad you liked retsaptata. A great! :)

Sveta, I tested the recipe ... very beautiful and tasty dish. Congratulations for this delicious meals became my favorite. I put a picture :)

Thank you very much :) Glad you liked the recipe :) You can experiment with stuffing and test with sausage, mushrooms or any other product choice :)

A little while ago as I write and photograph still not there, but I can not say that look very appetizing and many have become successful. Tomorrow I will do that soon we chomped them :)

:) Thanks, really were beautiful and delicious.

I am a proponent of healthy eating, baked eggplants grill pan. It also became very very tasty. The recipe is suitable for halogen oven.

I am very glad that you liked the recipe :) I like the idea that you baked them and I will try so;)