Festive chicken

Submitted by enr on 11 Oct 2013
1 chicken about 1.2 kg
2 lemons
sprigs fresh garlic and leeks can
125 g butter
200 g smoked ham or bacon
thyme, black pepper, salt
Festive chicken
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Remove skin of the chicken lightly how become pocket and we can pahnem hand inside. Of one lemon grated rind and mix with chopped fresh garlic and half of the slightly warmed butter, but be careful not to melt. Ham or bacon cut into very small pieces and put it in and the butter and all products - lemon peel, fresh garlic, the butter and ham is kneaded nice and makes a ball, which is placed under the skin of the chicken separated, ie between the skin and white flesh. Inside the chicken itself is salted with spices of your choice and put another lemon cut into pieces, maybe just cut in two. Lemon we took him only sheet squeeze the juice and rub the chicken nice and others slightly melted butter spreads very nice chicken on all sides. Put it in a greased baking pan with water and cook until ready, garnish with sautéed potatoes or of your choice.
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11 Oct 2013
Mariana Stoeva