Banitsi of butertesto

Submitted by enr on 15 Oct 2007
500 g butertesto
4-5 skinless sausages
5 pickles
Banitsi of butertesto
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The skinless sausages and pickles are cut in half lengthwise. Halves are divided into several pieces. Butertestoto defrost, then with a sharp knife, cut into strips, which are divided into pieces. On each piece of cucumber and put skinless sausage. Small turn banitsi. Bake in a heated oven to 220 C until golden in color. Along with these banitsi the dough I made and those stuffed with egg and feta cheese, and such cheese. Become divine and are made very quickly.
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15 Oct 2007


In the stuffing can be added to corn, ketchup and savory.

I also often make them really great, I prefer stuffed with egg and cheese.

Magnificent become thick and marmalade or jam, and while hot can sprinkle with powdered sugar.

I've done, but I prefer cheese, cheese and ham! And paint each piece with egg yolk before you roast them!

I have one package (900 g) with sausages do half and half with cheese, send a photo.

Really puff dough is universal and stuffing can improvise. But any filling all products we like a lot.

becomes very tasty, and can improvise with stuffing!

made them only with sausage, they are great!

magi71, I'm glad you like patties. In our butertestoto is respected, because it can put any kind of stuffing, and is extremely fast all prepared with it. A taste is talk that I priyadoha patties and me.

are probably very tasty ace like to do with puff pastry only to put the stuffing of grated apples with sugar and bread crumbs and do them as patties

deizi73, try stuffing and salt. I'm sure they'll love. In general, puff dough is versatile and can be combined with any type of filling as well as alone.

I have no words, yummy. In our family worship puff pastry for whatever stuffing is prepared often do and mince.

Our favorite is stuffing cheese and egg, as required before baking coat them with beaten yolk :)

tonitaleva, this dough is wonderful with any stuffing, and even without it:) adore him home :)

dough is wonderful, but what company?

Last buy from chilled, which sold in Lidl, is deliciously!

Pepa and Roll you test it? I have read that you should not roll because crease layers and dough Liddell is *plump*.

akva7, what is cooled thin and not boring, just unroll the dough sheet, cut into strips, then into pieces, put the filling and wrap.