Fire mushrooms

Submitted by enr on 06 Jun 2011
250 g mushrooms mushrooms
1 large, hard courgette (zucchini)
1 red bell or a 2 red peppers
200 g of sour cream, 24% fat
pepper, salt
1-2 tbsp cayenne pepper - minced meat chili or cayenne
7-8 sprigs thyme
1/4 tsp ground rosemary
Fire mushrooms
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Halibut cut into small cubes. Grate zucchini in large pieces grater. Mushrooms if they are large, cut into quarters, or half or if small, leave whole. Fragment leaves half thyme herb. In very hot, dry pan, placed cubes of pepper. Stir periodically until caught slight scaling, but are solid. Add grated zucchini. Stir constantly, not to burn. When the table gently settles (about 3-4 minutes), put the mushrooms and stir again about 2 minutes. Add the cream, put salt, much pepper, rosemary, hot pepper and thyme leaves torn. Stir and remove from fire. Allow to cool and put in refrigerator. Serve the next day, garnished with remaining thyme herb. * Optional before serving is pokapva with crushed garlic, a little fuzzy in sunflower oil or olive oil.
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06 Jun 2011


goes to favorites and will surely try

Rally, sounds very promising, but the pictures are very appetizing. I'll try it.

Really sounds and looks delicious, this zucchini zucchini a long, elongated and very hard is it?

zucchini are a variety of pumpkin with longer fruit than the usual zucchini. Cooking using very young fruit until hardened.

I saw pictures of how they look, I've used, I did not know that, so they say. The combination of products and spices like-enter the menu for next week.

and no one can squash you, I doubt that I could find such

Put normal, look only to not kashnesh :)

My pritelka them today rules it has put more bell and 3 chillies, chopped. Said it was more delicious than yesterday :)

petqanabel, I see you're from Kyustendil, Sofia otherwise I know there are market Mladost, to the metro station :) I regularly get my last year and I loved it, had a different flavor, not as watery as if they were seedless. / Or at least with less /.

Yes, Nelly's rights, are tight and seeds are very delicate, not felt. Also, not slimy. Zucchini in this case gives the sauce density and mass of the whole appetizer. But also as a hot dish does not prevent eat. To me harsva with garlic.

will find them still at large chains kaulfand, Fantastico, europe hopefully have them there, that there is nowhere else to be.