Fleshy layered cake

Submitted by enr on 19 Feb 2010
# For the base:
2 eggs
vanilla 1
1 cup pork lard - softened
16 tbsp caster sugar
flour (soft dough)
# For the cream:
4 tbsp cocoa +5 tbsp sugar 2/3 cup + water
6 yolks +8 tbsp caster sugar
250 g butter + 8 tbsp caster sugar
Fleshy layered cake
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From the base products for soft dough is kneaded. Divide it into three balls that are rolled in flour to not stick, peel of 1 cm thick. Baked one by one in an oiled and sprinkled with flour pan. Cream: Products from line cook. The products of the second row fight to graying. Products from third row fight to graying. Combine the three parts of the cream and mixed until mixed well. The cake is assembled by sticking the bases with cream and assembled cake should stand for several hours in the refrigerator.
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19 Feb 2010


Roof biscuit breakfast because I had to seal them in a separate baking pan, but I wanted to finish baking.

ah that beautiful kyshtichka - how to eat, syrtse will not let me spoil it

einjal, as the heart does not, it becomes even more delicious :) and then you want to eat it all