Home cheese

Submitted by enr on 04 Oct 2010
5 liters of milk
10 g limontozu
4 tbsp salt
Home cheese
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Milk is heated. Add salt and mix well. Just before it boils, add limontozuto and confuses. Allow to boil and sour milk, stirring constantly. Once intercepted, poured into a muslin bag. Put it to drain by pressing the top with some weight. Once drained and form asks out and leave open 1-2 days to form crust.
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04 Oct 2010


Bravo Zlatina! And I only do LEGAL just taka, camo flashover of koze milk and charter kacmet exactly predi dva days pravih and cega design could it cnimam and kacha. Caprygat my e nadypchil c drelkata edna plactmacova kytiya and neya ci it zatickam and Frame na kalapche about 400 grams. If you DO NOT koncymirame vednaga, it cahranyavam in frizera.

I can do it with 2l milk?

I can not find citric acid, okay with citric acid?

Citric acid and citric acid is the same, and 2 l. Milk will get very little cheese, but try!

and I know that is the same, but in uncle google read another. Did it really is small, but if we liked to do more ..

Home cheese often prepare at home and definitely delicious that it is possible to obtain a homemade milk let's try not to regret!

I want to ask you in refrigerator leave to catch the cheese crust or outside can (will not spoil)? Blyagodarya advance!

Allow outdoors will be spoiled!

Thanks for the quick response! Immediately pull it from the refrigerator and become will share the outcome.

My cheese became tasty but quite soft on the inside. Something like cream cheese. I'm not sure I messed something or the result really be such. First make cheese. 3. 8 liters of milk out about 500 g loaf.