Honey layered cake with thin bases

Submitted by enr on 15 Jan 2010
2 eggs
2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp sunflower oil
2 tsp soda
1 cup sugar
2 cup + extra flour for kneading dough
# For the cream:
1 cup milk
3 tbsp flour
1 cup sugar
# For glaze:
2 egg whites
1/3 cup sugar
chocolate sprinkles
Honey layered cake with thin bases
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All products of the base, without the flour was boiled in a water bath until it melts the sugar, then the flour was added and boiled to form bubbles in the mixture. Remove from heat and adding a little flour mix a soft dough. 8-9 balls are made from it and rolled bases of the size of the tray, which will bake. Each base bake until browning. We prepare the cream from the milk, sugar and flour. Put in the proper tray or dish first base, top smeared with cream base and then again do so until the bases. Then the egg whites are broken down with sugar to give a fluffy. Easy to cake on all sides and top and decorate with chocolate sprinkles optional.
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15 Jan 2010


If baked 8-9 marshes, cream of 1h. h milk will not be less for the latter must adhere? And 1h. chzahar of 1h. h milk mnozhko not it?

I do like cake, but put cream 1 liter milk 3yaytsa, 10s.l. sugar 5s.l. flour, 3 vanillin, and separately break 2h. h powdered sugar and 250 grams. butter or margarine and mix with the cooled cream. Otherwise cream 1h. h milk is too small and will not reach, and between the latter must must have plenty of cream can soften the latter must not.

and before adding the flour mixture is removed from the fire.

I love the recipe. Put in favorites.

Well, maybe with more milk depends how you love her whether dry or watery. Maybe a cup of milk and sugar to be watered separately and the latter must be made cream that is denser. And Sugar, we love a sweet, if you put a lot less.

just made it again, and I will let the picture

I am glad that you liked and upload photos galia74.

The cake was great too! I did it with this cream desislava_pm! Thank you very much! Great cream! Applause!

last night I decided to try the cake. Baked latter must, but once went cold became very hard. Is this normal? Today will flood with plenty of cream, may tender.

mimsi, not normally like that are hard, but with plenty of cream and rebuild the cake becomes very delicious! But I use another cream, not this mentioned in the recipe.

Thank you, Desi! Cake is scheduled for tomorrow night, hope to then be softened :) I used the cream of the recipe, but with 1 liter of milk, added a packet of butter.

great-until tomorrow evening will be ready! Below in the comments and I wrote my recipe for cream becomes very tasty. Hopefully this goes well, as already done it.

Think I can make it myself, but for the New Year!

It is normal to feel hard latter must not the cake itself is not of a dry watery cakes. But if you can pre-saturate the latter must with sweetened milk or compote.

Desi cake look like you, so I want to eat less! What is the size of the baking pan?

Ina, my baking pan is 23 cm. To me, received 7 swamps, I used the cream, which I wrote at the beginning, that given in the recipe itself is not to be. I put 1ts soda and a little cinnamon and only warming products without flour, not let them boil. But if used more pan will produce fewer cake that these my nearly fell, became too high, but after standing in the refrigerator one day become a great cake. I make it in for the third time and I always receive. In many houses like it!

Desi, thanks for the explanation! Will take them.

Desi cake looks very appetizing! The picture is great. I will try the recipe soon.

At the moment the latter must bake. Written by my dose to obtain 700 g. dough posthumously can not divide it into 9 parts, divided only 8 nestiga but that it hardly boring but again and become very small blatcheta ... something you dough is wrong with me ... I do not know