Submitted by enr on 24 May 2010
round cookies
5 egg whites
1 cup sugar
10 g gelatin
2 vanilla
100 g dark chocolate
60 g butter
2 tbsp sunflower oil
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Gelatin soak in 3-4 tbsp water for 10 minutes is melted in a water bath. Egg whites are broken down into sugar on snow, water bath. Trickle, stirring constantly, add the warm gelatin. Add vanilla, mix well and remove from heat. The mixture of cream was placed in a refrigerator to cool and harden slightly (must average rigid to not snag on the biscuit but can also be injection molded). On each biscuit sprayed cream. The biscuits were placed in the refrigerator to complete tightening of the cream. The butter and chocolate are melted in a water bath. Add the oil and mix well. The biscuits are dipped into the glaze cooled and placed in a refrigerator to tightness of the chocolate.
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24 May 2010


It would not be bad if you show the photo section of KREMBO ,, ,, to see vytreshnosta how it looks. Emir as eat this temptation what prilicha- / dry cake-chocolate candy /, please give a comparison.

If anyone remembers what cream is sold to 30 years ago the circus? There was piped in cups or cones of wafers. Filling resembles the cream in consistency:-) I do not know how better to describe it. And from there depends on cookies, which are used for padding.

Biwa, they in these things, I admit. Great recipe and perfectly exesweetd. Bravo! And to me this looks like a cream Rally.

Krembo reminds me of my favorite childhood sweets. Were shaped bells and instead of cookies were wafers. Unfortunately I do not remember the name.

I always wondered how to make this cream. Thanks for the recipe! To favorites is!

As a little girl I loved Pom-Pom desertchetata were some of my favorites. They had the option, in which instead of chocolate were sprinkled with coconut shavings.

I want to ask for proteins in a water bath will cross you? sorry for that, but I really want to try this recipe ...

No, Daniela, do not intersect:-) The water bath should be 50 degrees. Proteins are broken down first to light foam, less starts to put sugar, and when the snow has become stable, put the water bath and killing until a shiny table with fine pores. Prevent water bath will not boil, then snow crosses. But cold and snow tipped crosses if PREizbie - the granules and liquid. So do not risk anything. Heat curled snow is more stable than cold curled. Good luck and say how you cope:-)

first time I crossed the proteins, because I just had not read the board, Aliana, but then got up and were great. Thanks so much for your explanation and uploader recipe - too.

Hello, I want to ask-gelatin powder or sheets is, how many biscuits go and what brand of biscuits to take

Mickey, I'm glad that I was useful :)

Nati, I personally use 1 packet gelatin powder (it is 10 years exactly). I went to a little less than a packet of biscuits *Homeland* - are both round, yet no hole and not too big.

In general, once the gelatin is given in grams, it is understood that it is milled. Gelatin sheets set in sheets.

thank you. Ms. Zhizhen in Greece and so I do not know the brand of biscuits

For precisely this reason Immer (author) is not an exact brand biscuits - are all scattered around the world and we have access to different products. In the original substrate is wafer thin circular. You decide which cookies to enjoy.