Kritaraki (rice vermicelli) with meatballs

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2012
100 g kritaraki (rice vermicelli)
200 g minced meat
1 egg
1 tbsp breadcrumbs
1 cube chicken broth and spices minced meat
200 g mushrooms
1 onion
1 clove garlic
1 green pepper
1 carrot
3 tbsp tomato sauce or chutney
500 ml broth (which are boiled meatballs)
salt and pepper
2-3 tbsp olive oil or sunflower oil
Kritaraki (rice vermicelli) with meatballs
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Knead the minced meat with egg , breadcrumbs and spices to your taste meatballs. Form small balls the size of a walnut. Put 1 liter of water to boil, add the bouillon cube and pour the meatballs to the neck. Once you turn 10 moments, remove them with a slotted spoon and let poizstinat. In a suitable pan put olive oil to heat of fire. Add chopped onion, garlic, pepper and grated carrot Salt lightly and fry 2-3 moments. Add meatballs, the chopped mushrooms and stew 3-4 moments. Then add the tomato sauce, stir and pour 500 ml broth in which they boiled meatballs. Once boiling, add kritarakito (rice vermicelli) season with salt and pepper and leave to medium heat to boil kritarakito, being careful not to boil. After about 20 minutes remove the dish from the heat and pour in pan and put in oven preheated to seal. When serving sprinkle with chopped parsley. * The dish may not bake, leave a bit to cool down and be served. * You can replace meatballs with boiled chicken or pork. * Commercially I met two types kritaraki one is large-in the case of such I have prepared the dish, but there are fine, I've used it for soups and salads.
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01 Dec 2012