Lamb with potatoes and carrots

Submitted by enr on 26 Jul 2010
1.5 kg lamb
1 kg of fresh small potatoes
4-5 carrots
salt, pepper, paprika
2-3 sprigs lovage
sunflower oil
Lamb with potatoes and carrots
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In greased stew is put the meat portion, pre-seasoned with salt and pepper. Pour a cup of water and cook half an hour. Add savory peeled whole potatoes, coarsely chopped carrot and lovage. Make a little water and sprinkle with sunflower oil. Bake for about 30 minutes.
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26 Jul 2010


Let's really delicious and besides, the picture is attractive.

Whoops, sorry - I sent it before I finish. If you prepare the second way, I think it would be tasty. Thank you :)

very well get where I am not a fan of lamb though I liked

I am glad that you liked the recipe Petya :)

I put instead of basil thyme and bay leaf petal half. became great. thanks for the idea

Kris7yn4eTo, it is good to experiment, even with spices! Thank you :)

delicious lamb stew! But I you can not do without onions and mushrooms in a pot - I added them :)

Mitya, very well done as you add them :)