Layered cake with biscuits and jam

Submitted by enr on 26 Aug 2010
1 package prepared cake bases with the smell of cocoa (size 30x30 cm)
200 g sour cream
100 g of milk chocolate
200 g whipped cream
250 g jam of your choice
200 g biscuits
1 tsp cocoa
1/2 cup sugar
Layered cake with biscuits and jam
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Caramelized sugar, add 500 ml water and wait until it boils and get syrup. Moist first base. Melting chocolate in a water bath. Mix melted chocolate sour cream. Smeared syrup first base with the mixture (sour cream + chocolate). Begin to syrup cookies one by one. Dip each cookie for short, because otherwise, it softens and decays. Each syrup cookie place it on a greased the mixture first base, then put a little of the mixture onto each cookie. Put second base and siropirame. Greased second base with the mixture and sweet. Put third base and decorate your own with whipped cream, jam or another. I made a circle in the middle of the sweet, cream smeared around, but the tips I put grains of grapes. Then sprinkled with cocoa powder.
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26 Aug 2010


Surely this cake will appeal to my family.

interesting proposal for filling the cake. Will take. Will become quickly finished cake. Cake but everyone can do whatever he wants.