Layered cake with buttercream Bounty

Submitted by enr on 05 May 2014
# For the main base:
1 and 1/2 cup sugar
150 g soft butter
yolk 1
2 tbsp cocoa
10 g baking powder
1 cup flour
# For coconut base:
6 egg whites
200 g coconut
4 tbsp sugar (optional and may 6-8 tbsp)
# For cream:
1 cup milk
5 tbsp sugar
5 yolks
200 g butter
# For glaze:
150 ml cream
100 g of dark chocolate
50 g butter
Layered cake with buttercream Bounty
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For the main base in a bowl put the sugar, add the soft butter , egg yolks, cocoa powder and baking powder, mix everything well and add 1 cup sifted flour and mix. Divide dough into 2 parts - one third, the other 2/3 of the dough, the smaller part is placed in an envelope or wrapped in transparent foil and collect it in a refrigerator, the rest 2/3 of the dough is spread with hands at the bottom of a baking dish with a diameter of 20 cm and also retracts in the refrigerator. Leave the dough to cool. In another bowl put 6 egg white egg whites to add a pinch of salt and broken, add 4 tbsp sugar (or 6-8, for who loves sweet ) crash on snow about 10 minutes, add coconut and mix gently with a spoon. The resulting mass is poured into the form on the dough smoothes out the top grate frozen dough rest - evenly over the entire surface. The oven is heated to 180C and bake it in a cake approximately 50-55 minutes. Preparation of cream: to rest 5 egg yolks, add 1 cup milk 5 tbsp sugar and mix everything in a blender, pour into a small saucepan and put on fire, constantly stirring to thicken slightly. Allow to cool. 200 g soft butter mixed with vanilla and mix with a mixer until white to cream butter, gradually add the cooked cream. This cream is covered baked and cooled cake. Making the glaze: In a bowl put the broken cream and chocolate, add 50 g butter and melted in a water bath. After mixing the product was removed from heat and allowed to cool, then poured onto the surface of the cake as uniformly spread. Leave in the refrigerator, it is desirable for one night. Decorate optional.
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05 May 2014


cake of the pictures is made with products dose and a half.

And how great form suitable for the specified products?

In my judgment in the original recipe is 20cm. form, it is possible to be done in 24-inch standard form for cakes, but then the cake will be slightly thinner.

It looks very tasty, will try ... I voted for you!

Thank you. Hope you enjoy :)