Layered cake with caramelized nuts Zebra

Submitted by enr on 09 Jul 2014
# For the bases:
10 eggs
1 and 1/2 cup flour
1 and 1/2 cup sugar
4 tbsp cocoa
2 vanilla
1 and 1/2 cup ground walnuts
# For syrup:
1 cup sugar
1 and 1/2 cup water
optional - essence of your choice
# For Kroc:
150 g walnuts
3-4 tbsp sugar
# For decoration:
750 ml cream
150-200 g of powdered sugar
Layered cake with caramelized nuts Zebra
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Take half of the products. Divide the yolks from the whites by whites whip with sugar snow. Then add the egg yolks one by one. The resulting mixture was divided into two portions. The first was mixed with 2 tbsp cocoa and half ground walnuts. The second part is mixed with the flour and half of the vanilla. In a greased pan (you can put and baking paper) pour a spoonful of yellow mixture and immediately on it lies one of the brown mixture. So while the end product, then bake. Similarly straight and the second base. Once the bases are ready let them poizstinat. Do your syrup 1 1/2 cups water and 1 cup sugar, can add flavor of your choice and the bases are syrupy. Krokanat be prepared as follows: broil the walnuts, caramel, add the walnuts to caramel and mix them very well. Immediately pour over foil coated lightly with sunflower oil. Leave it to cool well and then breaks are becoming dust. whipped cream (if you add a little powdered sugar to make it sweeter) and pay as little as one to cover the base, and the rest is mixed with caramelized nuts - this is the cream, which is between the two base. The whole cake is covered with shattered cream and garnish of your choice. * The picture is decorated with almonds and roses side of sweet.
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09 Jul 2014


How big is the pan in which the latter must not bake?

recipe needs a slight adjustment in my opinion, as well as to edit *hrukan* of caramelized nuts, for which I question. :)

Thanks for the note, I apologize for spelling errors. Pan depends on how thick you want me to become swamps.

According to you, how great is the most appropriate?