Layered cake Friesland

Submitted by enr on 13 Nov 2012
4 eggs
1 vanilla
200 g of powdered sugar
80 ml sunflower oil
100 ml Fanta
200 g flour
1 and 1/2 tsp baking powder
# For the filling:
450 mousse blue plums
400 ml cream
200 g sour cream, thick or drained
3 packet fixative cream
powdered sugar to taste
Layered cake Friesland
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Heat the oven to 165S degrees. The eggs are broken with vanilla and powdered sugar until they become thick white foam. Put to the oil and Fanta, mix well. Add the flour mixed with baking powder. Mix by hand until it is fully assume. Pour the mixture into paper covered baking form with removable edge. Bake for 60 minutes. Allow to cool completely. The base is removed from the mold. With a thin, sharp knife cut the outer edge of the base. Careful not to break. Other base, which now has a small diameter is cut into 3 or 4 separate the base. The cream is mixed with catch and powdered sugar to taste until it is firm and stable. Put it drained sour cream and stir with a spatula until blended but not to lose volume. If the base is cut into three parts, filling products are divided into two. If cut into 4 parts - filling is divided into 3. In the ring cake put a base. At the edge of the circle put the cut edge, cut unnecessary. The base is coated with plum mousse, and on it - sour cream. Next base is cut so that it fits on the cream (since we put and roasted edge diameter again is lessened). Smeared again with plum sauce, then cream. If the base was cut into three parts, comes the last base. It just covers the cake. Plastered on top and sides with exposed cream fondant and decorated optional. Descriptions method for cutting and order of the base, allows the cakes to be filled with light creams, cream and so on.. that way under the weight of the decoration are crushed and killed the side. This is a variant of cake Friesland, allowing to be decorated with fondant. The original cake is made with bases of puff pastry (puff pastry), which are baked separately. The latter, a top base, cut more crude pieces that after firing rank at the top, slightly sloping. Put a picture of the original cake. Put a picture of the net, which is a section view given me a cake recipe. Image is also Monica matzah, with the difference that it puts the cut side edge, leaving a recess at the bottom of the cake. I described method of cutting internal bases, makes the walls of the cake perfectly straight. Scheme and put my doing. Similarly to the arrangement made with square or rectangular bases, and other shapes - hearts, rhomboids, everything.
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13 Nov 2012
Monica matzah


Cake ,, dream class, interesting arrangement of cake, I can only sigh and dream about this cake is very beautiful and taste must be incredible. Congratulations.

Thanks, Flower! :) The cake is very, very, very tasty! The combination of plums with two cream is just bliss! :)

fixer-cream where you buy itIn Billa and Kaufland not seen.

Dear Nell, I do not look at the market in Bulgaria, but I do hope that any of the other participants here will know. What I remember from responses to other recipes that have it, but unfortunately I do not know where.

I will allow myself to get involved - such retainer is in Kaufland - in blue bags is located where they are baking and other such products. Packed is 5 bags in one, each is 8g - generally 40g.

Dida, thanks to the rapid and comprehensive response :)

And I thank you. I will discuss in more detail.

You're doing great stuff, as always!

And I ask for the mousse of prunes. What exactly predstvlyava and exchangeable you with sweet plum?

It looks like a hip marmadad, only that it is soft. See here google Search You can use this recipe, but do not boil them until very thick. In any case, the texture is smooth, such as jam. Австрийски plum mousse (Zwetschgenroester)

Sweet plums not remember to have seen, but many will not be different, I guess it can be zmaeni without problem. Only if pieces would be better to warm and pureeing.

interesting recipe. The cake is great.

Wonderful. Very gentle. Roses are great.

I loved the recipe for this cake, but if the latter must be of puff pastry, it is not sweet. Sweetens you in some way?

No, snowy, not sweetened. Plum mousse and cream cream is sweet enough. I personally do when you puff pastry with honey cream with powdered sugar, and when we do with swamps, not sweeten the cream, because the latter must have been sweet. Anyway plum mousse / marmalade is one that mainly contributes to the sweetness. Soon a friend makes a store-bought cake and was also very tasty.

Thanks for the quick response! I liked the idea of ​​a cake of puff pastry and will try to do with them. Let me just get that dough from which type is from this that inflates or the other?

And how much sugar to put up below?

Sugar put on taste, I sweeten slightly, because we do not like very sweet. A dough is better to inflate. Tore it in advance with a fork or small cuts he made with the tip of the knife to swell evenly.