Layered cake Mary

Submitted by enr on 25 May 2012
5 eggs
125 g butter
1 vanilla
250 g sugar
1 cup boiled milk
400-500 g biscuits, cookies or cake bases
compote of your choice (1 jar of 800 ml)
The butter is mixed with half the sugar and milk. Yolks are broken down with the remaining sugar until posgastyat, add vanilla. Both cream mix, fruit compote of Peel and cut into thin slices. Biscuits soaked in syrup (just dip) and rank in the round cake (cake form with detachable side). On the first row ranks fetus then the cream. Another line biscuits, fruit cream. Remove cake is smoothed with a nice cream. Top is formed with egg whites previously broken snow with sugar. Allow to cool. Optional can be garnished with sweet fruit - cherries, strawberries, cherries, raspberries.
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25 May 2012


Cream is not boiled and not add any thickeners, right?

What is this form of cake with detachable board? I've never seen.

Aliana, most likely it comes to plastic adjustable ring cake. Or non-adjustable metal ring cake. Such is of Kaiser Original, Fackelmann.

Oops, now I saw that it was a form - most likely baking tin with removable bottom, but the word board misled me.

I was imagining it as a baking pan for cake board with him. Although in this case the diameter would be constant, I find interesting. A adjustable rings / rings / boards I have,;) Let's see what the morning would say.