Layered cake with Napoleon ready puff pastry

Submitted by enr on 04 Oct 2013
1 kg puff pastry
1 liter milk
3 eggs
1 and 1/2 cup sugar
7 tbsp flour
125 g butter
2 vanilla
Layered cake with Napoleon ready puff pastry
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Puff pastry must be defrosted. Rolled out only in one direction and cut into 4 equal rectangles, riddled with fork and bake on baking paper. As cool with a large sharp knife, cut the thickness - ie to obtain 2 thinner the base. Prepare the cream. 700 ml milk and sugar boil during this time whisk the eggs with the flour and remaining milk and trickle added to the remaining milk over low heat but do not stick and not become the balls. Cream should slowly thickens when ready add cow butter and vanilla. In a suitable container is placed one base, top and so nice cream while stocks (one base left for broken), and finally the whole cake smeared with cream, and the last base is crushed into small pieces and it affixes the entire cake. After cooling in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Optional between the bases can be put and fruit jam - cherries, figs, plums or whatever you like.
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04 Oct 2013


Many successful recipe for a light and easy to prepare cake. :)

Very easy and quick to prepare cakes.

Really easy and delicious cakes. But I digress yolks from egg whites and whip them tightening. Add them to the finished cream. so itself becomes fluffy cream.

It is very tasty and very quickly you'll be eaten! ;) :)