Layered cake with quinces

Submitted by enr on 05 May 2008
700 g quinces
350 g sugar
6 eggs
250 g flour
120 g butter
3 tbsp rum
100 g whipped cream
30 g candied fruits
1/2 lemon
Quince peel, cut lengthwise into eighths and cleaned of seminal part. Stew 15 minutes with 100 g of sugar, lemon juice and a little water, enough to cover them. Remove, leave to cool and each piece individually wipe. The eggs are broken with the remaining sugar. Add to flour, lemon zest and finally the melted butter. Kneads dough and let rest for half an hour. Then stretch at a thickness of 1 cm at the bottom and around the sides of the opening to the side form of a cake. on the test pad slantseobrazno arranged with the wide part up quince slices. Cake put to bake in hot oven at moderate temperature (130-150 C). After 30 minutes, removed, freed from the mold and allowed to cool. Before serving, sprinkle lightly with rum and garnish with whipped cream. On cream arrange candied fruit (instead of them can be used cranberry jam). At room temperature this cake remains 3-4 days.
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05 May 2008
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