Layered cake Kodrit Kadir

Submitted by enr on 11 May 2009
# custard:
800 ml milk
5 eggs
200 g sugar
1 vanilla
# For the cake:
1 egg
100 g sugar
100 ml sunflower oil
100 g flour
10 g baking powder
2 tsp cocoa
100 ml milk
Layered cake Kodrit Kadir
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For the caramel whisk the eggs with the sugar, add vanilla and milk. cake whisk the eggs with the sugar, add the milk, the oil, baking powder, flour and cocoa. caramelized 5 tbsp sugar in the form of cake. Add the mixture to the caramel. Then right in the center of the plate is poured cake mixes. The form is placed in a tray with two centimeters of hot water. Bake in a water bath about 50 minutes at 180 C. Allow the water bath in a refrigerator overnight. The next day obarashta in tray. The amounts are given form 20-22 cm and 8 cm high.
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11 May 2009


I've January I recommend it to everyone! Is great!

cake mixture on the mixture of kremkaramela you pour?

Yes, on caramel. Upload photos, they are approved will be seen clearly.

looks great!

Bravo! Super recipe. Already in favorites.

Unaware that so says this recipe is really great I have rules and is a favorite at home, I think my source beshte Leo from bgmama. But the cake is gorgeous and I recommend it.

Perhaps there are other names I found her with it in the net. Looks great in the photos. I'm still not make it, but I think soon it :) I respect the to increase the amount of products.

Very tasty cake get! Left it in the fridge for 4 hours, and I think that was enough. In houses were fascinated!

Enjoy! I think it would be a great dessert lighter and refreshing for summer!

You must try! The photo tip!

great cake! And I think to increase the amount of product because if used pan with normal sized dessert remains *low*.

Nice pictures, Michael! And you think of Cake?

we like, a perfect cake cream caramel. Congratulations, well done!

After so good grades to be tested, but when baking recipe is still not I receive something :): ~)

And I'm prejudiced against the baking powder, but this cake and not the initial rising dough, I think it will be noticed;)

I made the cake, it was great. Put and baking powder. I did it in cake form, maybe in mono custard.

Super obtain and very spectacular. Just dessert for summer - cool.

Wonderful pictures, Eli! Today I will do it. Still wonder about the dose, but we'll see! :)

Bravo! Great recipe.

Great recipe! I tried it a try and the result is incredible. Bravo for the idea!

Very tasty!

Super cake! I did it a few times and all very liked it.

I loved the idea and as I did, great looks .. My only mistake was that I put in the form of cake that removing the side, and bake until it is poured a little of the caramel mixture. I do not know whether it is the form or that pre-heat the oven? But nevertheless I am sure that will be eaten ... :)

:)-day napavih. Delicious, but maybe next time I will not put the cake in Kakko and will grater zest lemon :) Very impressive. Here are my pictures

Tasty, great dessert

Napravihya and was very good in appearance and taste, the only thing. it is very sweet, next time will allay sugar.

I do something that only his first anneal creme caramel. Then top spill sponge dough and bake upper wire. As it out while still warm by turning in another court. The same shape but slightly larger. I use baking pans. It really amazing.

I did it in 20 cm. Baking pan 8 cm in height and became great Arab cake, very yummy ... I recommend this recipe

have prepared him for the new year is incredible!

A great recipe! Before turning the cake, cake syrup you or irrigated by krem- drive?

soaked in cream

Today I made. Magic!

Twice something wrong, half the cake batter falls to the bottom. Someone will give you advice? The first time I received, not try much.

perunika, I can explain it only if your layer more flour to the dough ... I do not happened ... and is one of the most frequently sought recipes home / dough cake should not densely ... and the size of the cooker must not be too big ... (20 cm. baking pan 8 cm in height) is a perfect fit for the amount of this recipe ... success and give up :)

Very nice cakes out. For five days I worked on it 2 times :) Well done.

This cake became almost everyday for us, I have milk I'm doing immediately. The last time was thinking something and made it in the following way: custard put 1 liter milk cake made a double dose and replaced the milk with water :) Naturally Peko in slightly larger pan, but again the result was great.

This cake I've done before in '20, says ,, ,, Dancing cake cream because of very loose. Has always been successful, whether in a water bath or not. Thank you reminded me of it.

looks delicious / will try at the first opportunity. whence interesting name?

Excellent result and excellent taste :) At first I worried that swamps stuck to the bottom looked like a large cocoa point surrounded by a mixture of custard, but stuck it in the oven and if emerges very interesting :) It was perfect!

favorite cake of the whole family and half colleagues. TOP IS VERY EASY AND ECONOMY

Incredible cake. Many thanks for the delicious and very easy recipe.

made cake became incredible. Bravo for the nice recipe very easy to prepare and very tasty.

Wonderful recipe. We'll try a must!

I make it in several times and becomes divine, all loved it, thanks for the recipe :)

I loved this cake.Great combination. I might Peko in a silicone cake pan.

Do you really need to put a water bath in the fridge ... and no you can pay immediately after cool?

veselinka, water itself helps in easy separation-reversal, the more the case as the better (all night) :)

side! HO! TEN !!!!!!!!!!!!! Try and you will not regret it!

cake is really incredible! Could not wait overnight in the refrigerator:-)